January 28, 2022

· Michelin and Chinese enterprises signed a waste tire cooperation agreement

Recently, Michelin (China) Investment Co., Ltd. and Beijing Environmental Sanitation Engineering Group Co., Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation agreement in Shanghai.

In the future, the two sides will fully utilize their respective resources and technological advantages to jointly seek the development of the used tire industry.

China is a big country in the production of used tires. According to incomplete statistics, the annual production of used tires in China is around 10 million tons.

The two companies initially reached three points of intent.

First, establish a business cooperation model of “tire + fleet management” in terms of solid waste flow.

Second, Michelin will consider the layout requirements of Beijing sanitation in the development plan of its retreaded tire business.

Third, the two sides reached a consensus on the technical level of waste tire raw material processing and recycled rubber production.

In recent years, Beijing Environmental Sanitation Group has entered the recycling resource recycling industry and promoted the recycling of used tires and the recycling of used rubber.

Michelin is a global leader in tire technology, with advanced technologies in tire retreading, waste tire handling, and proven tire management services.

Luo Wei, deputy general manager of Beijing Environmental Sanitation Group, expressed the hope that through this strategic cooperation, he will jointly work on the development of China's waste tire industry.

Lu Huifeng, vice president of Michelin (China) Investment Co., Ltd., said that they plan to add authorized tire refurbishment factories in several major cities to provide more powerful technical support for the recycling of used tires.

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