October 22, 2021

Apply soil tester to ensure the efficiency of land planting

We all know that the crops grown in fertile land are higher in yield than the crops grown in lean soil, and the gap is obvious, so ensuring soil fertility is the basis for ensuring high quality and high yield of crops. But how exactly do you judge whether the soil is fertile or barren? This time you need to use a professional testing equipment - soil tester .

The soil tester, also called the soil nutrient tester, is a soil instrument dedicated to the determination of soil nutrient content. In the soil nutrient test activity, the instrument can quickly and accurately test the nutrient content of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium in the soil and automatically record it. , support data, export and print. In the agricultural production process, the soil tester can be used to more scientifically assess the fertility of the soil, guide the rational use of fertilizers, carry out fertilization operations in the right way, improve the fertility of the land, and thus ensure the high efficiency of land planting.

Soil testing and formula fertilization is an efficient and scientific method of fertilization. Carrying out soil testing and formula fertilization plays an important role in improving soil fertility and reducing fertilizer resource waste. The soil testing formula fertilization advocates first measuring the soil, and then formulating the fertilization formula according to the test results. Therefore, in recent years, in the process of soil testing and formula fertilization in various places, the soil tester has been widely used as an important soil measuring instrument. The instrument has great improvement in the determination and analysis efficiency of soil nutrient index, which can realize large-volume and rapid determination of soil nutrients, which is very suitable for soil testing and fertilization application.

In the past, everyone was completely unclear about the soil growth environment. The cultivation of crops relied entirely on artificial experience. Now, by applying the soil tester, the soil nutrient data can be seen at a glance, and the land formula can be fertilized according to the measured data, which can better ensure the fertilizer efficiency of the land and enhance the land. The high efficiency of planting, therefore, the instrument as a basic agricultural instrument, is widely used in agricultural technology promotion.

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