June 06, 2020

Fangyuan HZS120D container mixing station serves the largest project in Jinhua City

Jinyidong City Rail Transit is the largest and most invested core infrastructure project in Jinhua City, Zhejiang Province. It is the commuter line between Jinhua City and the county. It is the number one project of Jinhua's “Three Corridors” with a total investment of over 30 billion yuan. .

The design speed of Jinyidong city rail transit is 120km/h, adopting the large station express train + station stop operation combination mode, the fastest 36 minutes from Jinhua city to Yiwu city, the fastest 50 minutes to Dongyang city, the fastest to Hengdian 59 Minutes arrive. The maximum transportation capacity is up to 60,000 people per hour, and the average daily passenger flow is expected to reach 340,000. Upon completion, it will provide fast, convenient and comfortable public transportation services for residents along the route to meet the travel needs of the citizens in commuting, business travel, etc., and create a one-hour traffic circle that private cars and buses cannot catch up with.

Fangyuan Group Mixing Station

After receiving the product assembly “assembly number”, Fangyuan Group will use the shortest time to complete the production and delivery of two HZS120D container mixing plant equipment to the site. This specially designed mixing station is already the second time for the user to purchase. Two mixing stations use three batching machines, and one mixing station controls 13 scales to meet the special production needs of different materials. After the project is completed, the equipment can be directly and completely split, and then a set of mainframes can be added and independently combined into three sets of mixing stations. This solution optimizes the design of the mixing station to the greatest extent, saves the user a direct mixing station, and completes the tasks of three mixing stations with two mixing stations!

Fangyuan Group Mixing Station

In the southern part of the rainy season, the simple and fast installation of Fangyuan Group's 120D container mixing plant was fully reflected. Fangyuan Group's own installation team has overcome various difficulties and is in full accordance with the “no delay” work requirement. Advancing various tasks, and completing the installation work in a short period of time, provided sufficient guarantee for the full implementation of the project. (This article is from Fangyuan Group)

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