October 22, 2021

Buy used cars to teach you how to value

Some friends did not know how to value the selected car when they chose to buy a used car. Today, Xiaobian teaches everyone two ways to evaluate how to use a used car.


First: 20% discount on purchased commercial insurance premiums

Almost every car will buy car damage insurance, while the car insurance coverage is the insurance company's depreciation value of the car. So, starting from the license plate on the vehicle, you will get a 20% discount from the fare. In the second year, another 20% discount will be made after the first year. If you go further, that means the vehicle after three years will be calculated according to 15% discount every year!

Second: Rule 54321

The useful life of a car is 300,000 kilometers. We divide this 300,000 kilometers into 5 sections, each of 60,000 kilometers! The value of each segment is 5/15, 4/15, 3/15, 2/15, 1/15. Let's suppose that the value of this car is 300,000 yuan and it travels 120,000 kilometers. Then the calculation method is: 30*(3+2+1)/15=12. The price of this car is 120,000 yuan!

When appraising used cars, the situation is often not that simple. There are many factors that affect the value of the vehicles. For example: Although some cars are used cars, we will also call them new cars in the used car market, as well as new cars! The definition of a new car is generally about 20,000 kilometers a year. The new car, in general, is 60,000 kilometers in 3 years! The reason why these cars can be called new cars and new cars is because the cars just ran for a short time, the performance is similar to that of a new car, and the running-in time is also saved. Therefore, these vehicles are generally sold at an annual discount price, provided that there are no overhauls!

In addition, there are some objective factors that need to be considered. For example, the brand of a car, if it is a big brand, is recognized by most consumers, then the price will be slightly higher than that of other brands! There is also the color of the vehicle. If it is too small, the colors that are too personal can not be sold at a higher price! The configuration also needs to be taken into account, but these are the details, and the impact on the price will not be too great!

Finally, we must remind everyone that when buying a used car, if the price of some cars is too low, but the year and number of kilometers of the car are not very high, we must be careful, and open the cover more, it is possible After the overhaul, there is also that some of the masters who identify the used car can knock it out by hand and can hear whether or not there is a problem. These are the places to pay attention to, remember, there is no free lunch in the world, pay attention to its essence, and then give reasonable pricing, is the most perfect!

W Beam Highway Guardrail

Highway Beam Guard Rail

Hot dipped galvanized Steel Guardrail /Highway fence and Guardrail posts are mainly used for safety traffic barrier protection on highways and first-class highways at home and abroad. Q235 material is used domestically, and Q345 material is used abroad. The steel plate is formed by cold bending and then galvanized and electrostatically sprayed.


Beam Guardrail has strong corrosion resistance, bright and beautiful appearance, and high anti-collision strength, which meets the standards of the Ministry of Communications. , In line with GB / T31429.1-2015 "Anti-corrosion Conditions of Expressway Traffic Engineering Components" standard. Requirements of "Waveform Steel Guardrail Part 1: Double Waveform Motorway Guardrail"

Crash Barrier3

Product Name Highway Fencing
Surface Treatment
hot dip galvanized,color coated
Zinc Coating
350g-1220g/square meter
Length 4320/4130mm
Width 2.5mm-4mm
wave height
wave width
310-315mm(W Beam) / 506mm(Thrie Beam
National Standard/American Standard/European standard
100,000metric tons per year

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