October 22, 2021

How to check the car's Yaohao result?

How to query the car Yaohao result? Nowadays, there are cars all over the street, traffic jams everywhere, and traffic jams on the road has become a must for every office worker. Due to the increasing number of vehicles and people’s increasing demand for automobiles, road congestion has occurred in many cities. Therefore, more and more cities began to use a yo-yo to limit the purchase of cars. The complicated car Yaohao process makes many people very annoyed. Friends who want to buy a car need to apply to see if they are in line with the conditions for buying a car. They must also queue up for the application and then go for a shake. Now we have to register online and at the office. However, after a lot of shakes, how do you know if you passed it? How do you check the car's Yaohao result?

Next, let's take a look at how to query the car's Yaohao result. After we shake the number, everyone will get a code. Please remember your code. After the shake, you can consult by phone. Say your personal information, including name, date, and the most important Yao code, and ask if you want to shake it. success. At the same time, you can also query the car's Yaohao results through the Internet.

Take Beijing Car Yaohao as an example. First of all, if you open the Baidu search window, you can search for the keyword Beijing Yaohao result query and click Baidu. After that, you will search out the windows of the search results of various cars in Beijing. You can input the date, the name, and the code after your shake number at the window. Then click the button of the query, and you can query your results. If you want to see all the information about you, you can click to enter the car indicator Dior Air Management Information System. On this site you will see some status queries. Fill in your personal information and some drop-down menus will appear. , In the menu on the coding query, you can also find out about your car Yaohao results. After the results of the car shake query, if successful, you can click on your relevant indicator confirmation and you can purchase the car.

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