October 22, 2021

Car rental travel should pay attention to the small details do not see you will regret it

At present, driving by car is not unfamiliar to us. More and more people choose to travel by car when they are on holiday. Because self-driving travel is more free, it is not as restrictive as being in a group. However, for those who do not have a car, they may choose to rent a car or borrow a friend's car. Let's talk about what to look out for when driving a car by yourself.


When driving, everyone will habitually use Bluetooth or USB data cable to connect the phone to the car, use car speakers to play navigation and music, then charging the phone in the car is also a homework. Perhaps some people do not know that seemingly simple little tricks may leak their mobile phone data.

Because whether we use Bluetooth or a USB cable, it is possible to store personal information in the phone in this car as long as the phone is connected to the car. If you do not delete, the phone book, text messages and other information may fall into the hands of others. The U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) also issued a blog post for this to remind rental car users to carefully disclose private data.


Therefore, when renting a self-driving car, if you just want to charge your mobile phone, it is better to choose the cigarette lighter charging head, which is more secure than directly plugging into the car USB. In some cases, data is automatically transferred as long as the USB port is connected. If we don't have a cigarette lighter charging head but connect directly to an onboard infotainment system, we must be careful when asking the system. The most important thing is to remember to delete the connected mobile phone from the system before returning the car. Only in this way can the "sky leave no trace of wings, but I have already flown over."

There are numerous deceitful events in the society. Therefore, only by protecting one's own privacy can we be more effective in protecting our own interests.

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