October 22, 2021

Why do Chinese people not use child safety seats?

In China, to popularize child safety seats, it is necessary to legislate and supplement punishments. Since everyone generally lacks the awareness of protecting the safety of children's travel, they have to make the law mandatory to teach everyone what to do.

Young Chinese parents will spend more than 100,000 yuan to buy a car, and then spend money to install seat covers, films, and floor mats for their cars. However, they cannot think (or do not want to) spend a thousand or two dollars on their children. Child safety seats.

The proportion of child safety seats used in Chinese cars is very low, and it is almost impossible to see who's car has installed this item for children. In the past few years, the grades of cars that we have bought are getting higher and higher. Even those families that drive Mercedes-Benz BMW seem to have little interest in safety seats, and let the children sit in the car without restraint and ignore it. How big is the risk?

According to statistics from the World Health Organization, about 10,000 children in China each year are killed in traffic accidents, and traffic accidents are also the leading cause of death from 0-17 year-old children in China. When a child dies in a car accident, it is more than just being hit by a car on the road. The death that happens when you take a car also accounts for a large proportion.

How big is the child safety seat? According to the World Health Organization, such seats can reduce the pressure on the neck and spine of children in car accidents and reduce the death rate by 70%.

How scary is the use of child seats? Many people have never imagined what the state of the child sitting in the car would be when an emergency brake or even a crash occurred. That kind of force can absolutely throw the child out of his seat. As for what happens, see the results of the experiment.

Experiments have shown that when a vehicle suddenly hits or brakes while traveling at a speed of 50km/h, objects in the vehicle will produce an impact force equivalent to 30-40 times its own weight. If a child's weight is 10kg, the impact force generated when the collision can reach 300-400kg.

â–² Test child safety seats at a speed of 30 mph (approximately 48 km) in a frontal collision. The child safety seat in the picture is not strong enough to cause serious injury to the child. Without the safety seat, the test dummy will undoubtedly be thrown off the seat, which may cause fatal injury.

When the vehicle is running normally, both the person driving and the person who rides think they are safe, and feel that sitting in the carriage is not much different from sitting on the couch in their own home. Therefore, many people are not willing to fasten their seat belts, especially the rear passengers, and are used to getting rid of the restraints of seat belts and enjoying their free time in various sitting positions.

Unfortunately, the car is moving at a high speed. The situation on the road is not static. In the event of an emergency, it needs emergency braking. What if you can't afford to dodge it?

There are still many optimists in the world. Everyone thinks that car accidents are something others do not fall on their own. However, in fact, road traffic accidents are not a small probability event, or how could more than 200,000 people die each year in car accidents in China? (Numbers estimated by WHO)

The seat belt is the life-saving weapon in the car accident. It can firmly fix the occupant in the seat when the car crashes, avoiding being thrown out of the car or colliding with other objects in the car. According to statistics from the United States Highway Traffic Safety Administration (HNTSA), the use of seat belts can reduce the percentage of fatal or serious injuries in accidents by 45% to 65%.

â–² In the crash test, the rear dummy without a seatbelt crashes into the front seat, while the dummy of the copilot breaks through the front windshield and flies out of the vehicle.

â–² This test picture tells us that even if we are in the back row, we must also fasten our seat belts.

The seat belt on the car is designed for adults. Children are small in size and can't be used at all (children use adult safety belts and may cause serious injuries to the neck and abdomen in the event of a car accident). For children, the function of a safety seat is equivalent to the safety belt of an adult. In a car accident, children can be restrained and prevented from being thrown out to cause further injury.

Of course, the safety seats will also be specially designed for children, such as lifting on both sides, which can provide side protection, especially better protection of the child's head. Moreover, child safety seats have now been developed to perfection. Children of different age groups have corresponding safety seats. For example, infants under 2 years of age can use reverse seats, while older children can use booster seats. pad.

â–² Children of different ages have appropriate safety seats to choose from.

Chinese parents are undoubtedly very much in love with their children. The main reason why children do not use child safety seats is that they do not understand its uses and how dangerous it is for children to sit in the car unrestrained.

Some young Chinese parents may have learned about some child safety seats, but once they heard that they would spend thousands of dollars and they would change them in a few years, they felt that the money was worthless. They think that they usually drive in the city. As long as they are careful, nothing will happen. In fact, even a collision at a speed of only a dozen or twenty kilometres can be a serious injury to children.

The most important thing is that our society lacks a traffic safety atmosphere. If you are in the U.S., you must have baby safety seats ready before you give birth. Otherwise, the hospital will not allow the child to leave the hospital. If you take your child to the car rental company, if you do not carry the child safety seat, you will not be able to rent a car. Give you.

â–²Children born in U.S. hospitals do not allow child safety seats to be released from hospital.

The key is still the law. There are laws requiring the use of child safety seats in various parts of the United States. The regulations vary from state to state, and the required age limit is 6 to 8 years old. In Virginia, for example, the law requires children aged 7 and under (until their 8th birthday) to use a safety seat. Whether it is parents, grandparents or other relatives and friends, babysitters and children, the first violation of the fine of 50 US dollars, the second violation can be fined
For $500, this fine will be used to purchase safety seats for low-income families.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) recommends that children aged 12 or under should use safety seats.

In China, to popularize child safety seats, it is necessary to legislate and supplement punishments. Since everyone generally lacks the awareness of protecting the safety of children's travel, they have to make the law mandatory to teach everyone what to do.

Before the law was enforced, it was still appealing to parents of the ages to take the initiative for the children and install a child safety seat on the car. After all, this was a life-saving thing. You spent more than 100,000 to 200,000 cars. Why should you care about spending more than 12,000? Everyone loves children. If you don't even have a child safety seat in the car, you say, is your aunt really too unqualified?

Its reality, whether it is wearing a seatbelt or child safety seat installation, American habit is forced out of the law. Now China’s parents and grandparents are still sitting in the copilot’s seat with their children, and even let the children sit alone in the copilot’s seat, and the dangers of this behavior are unnoticed. In this ignorant state, it is unrealistic to expect them to take the initiative to buy a safety seat, or "enforcement" is more effective.

â–² Chinese families generally lack the necessary safety knowledge

â–²Finally, another map of Prince William's milk father in the UK.

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