January 21, 2022

Emergency treatment of coal mine permeable

Coal mine flooding, refers to when coal mining in the tunnels, dug through the wall turned on groundwater or waste water tunnel, causing the accident. Precautions for evacuation of field personnel after permeable

(1) After permeable, the location of the permeable water, the source of water, the amount of water inflow, the cause of the damage, the degree of damage, etc. should be quickly observed and judged where possible, and the evacuation route specified in the disaster prevention plan should be quickly retreated to above the permeable location. Level, but not into the single lane near and below the water permeable point.

(2) During the journey, it should be close to the side of the roadway, grab the bracket or other fixed objects, try to avoid the pressure head and the main drain, and pay attention to prevent the rolling of meteorite and wood from the water.

(3) If the lighting and road signs in the roadway are damaged after permeable, and the direction of travel is lost, the person in distress should retreat in the direction of the mountain roadway through which the wind flows.

(4) At the intersection of the retreat and the passing roadway, an obvious sign indicating the direction of travel shall be left to alert the ambulance personnel.

(5) When the personnel retreat to the shaft and need to go up from the ladder, they should abide by the order and prohibit panic and contention. In the course of action, you must grasp your feet, keep your feet steady, and pay attention to the safety of yourself and others.

(6) If the only exit is blocked by water and cannot be withdrawn, it should be organized to escape from the single-headed work surface and wait for the rescue of the rescue personnel. Adventure activities such as blind diving and escape are strictly prohibited.

Self-rescue measures for disaster avoidance when being trapped by mine floods

(1) When the on-site personnel are surrounded by water and can not withdraw, they should quickly enter the pre-built refuge chamber to avoid disasters, or choose a suitable location to quickly build temporary shelters to avoid disasters. If the old air is permeable, a temporary retaining wall or hanging curtain should be built at the refuge chamber to prevent the harmful gas from being blown. Before entering the refuge chamber, a clear sign should be left outside the squatting room.

(2) During the disaster avoidance period, the miners in distress must have a good mental state, emotional stability, self-confidence and optimism, and strong will. It is necessary to firmly believe that the superior leaders will organize personnel to rescue quickly; they firmly believe that under the leadership of the team leader and experienced workers, they will be able to overcome various difficulties, overcome difficulties and escape safety. In order to prepare for long-term disaster avoidance, in addition to the personnel who take turns to serve as sentries to observe the water situation, the rest should be recumbent to reduce physical strength and air consumption.

(3) In the case of disaster avoidance, the method of tapping is used to regularly and intermittently send out a distress signal to indicate to the rescuer the location of the shelter.

(4) After severing food during the trapped period, even in the case of hunger, you should try to restrain yourself and never chew on food and hunger. When you need to drink downhole water, you should choose a suitable water source and filter it with gauze or clothes.

(5) When trapped in the well for a long time and found that the rescuers are coming to the rescue, the evacuation personnel should not be overly excited and confused. After salvation, do not eat hard and excessive food, avoid strong light to prevent accidents.

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