January 21, 2022

Turbo turbocharged car use five turbocharger and naturally inhale which is better?

Various types of vehicles with “T” have mushroomed. Although this technology is relatively mature, for most owners, it is still only in the stage of enjoyment. It is not understood that they need to be maintained more meticulously. For turbocharged models, the following five practices are very ruined, remember!


1 step on the throttle

Since the turbocharger is cooled by oil, the oil flow is not good when the cold car starts. At this time, if the turbocharger runs at a high speed, the wear will be great. Therefore, do not use a large throttle when starting the vehicle, and allow the engine to run at a high speed when the engine oil is sufficiently lubricated, thereby extending the life of the turbine. This is particularly important in winter.

2 idle time is too long

Many owners prefer to turn off the flame when waiting for someone else. When the engine speed is low, the speed of the turbocharger is very low. The gas pressure in the turbine and the compressor is lower than the pressure in the bearing body. The compressor will flow to both ends of the compressor. The phenomenon of turbine leakage, the bearing can not get the appropriate lubrication and cooling, while the oil leaked into the compressor may enter the cylinder affect the normal operation of the engine, so do not idle too long.

3 After finishing high speed, immediately turn off the flames

After a long period of high-speed and high-load operation of the engine, the temperature at the turbine inlet is very high, reaching a maximum of 900°C. If the engine is stopped immediately, the oil supply will immediately stop, and the rotor of the supercharger will continue to run at high speed due to inertia, increasing turbine speed. The oil trapped inside the compressor will overheat, causing damage to the bearings and the shaft. Therefore, the engine should be idled for about 1 minute before the engine stalls to reduce the turbocharger rotor speed.

4 Cleaning the vehicle under hot car condition

When there is dust or oil on the outer edge of the engine and turbocharger, it must not be cleaned during the hot car to prevent the water or cleaning liquid from spilling onto the high temperature turbine to cause deformation or even damage.

5Not using high-quality engine oil as required

Turbine rotation speeds are usually as high as 150,000 revolutions per minute or more, and most production car turbines use floating bearings, which are completely lubricated with lubricating oil. Therefore, the selection of high-quality engine oil is particularly important. Synthetic oil has 3 times better stability than ordinary mineral oil, can maintain stable lubrication at high temperatures and high engine speed, and provides good lubrication for turbochargers and engines, thereby reducing friction and reducing wear.

Which is better with turbocharged and naturally aspirated?

First, the turbine is forced to inhale, and more gasoline is burned by increasing the amount of air, thereby exploding more power. After an engine is equipped with a turbocharger, the power can be increased by 40% or even higher. Similarly, a turbocharged car can be naturally aspirated several streets. In addition, due to policy reasons, vehicle and boat use fees, purchase tax, etc., small-displacement turbines are relatively cheaper than large-displacement self-priming.


Of course, turbo is not perfect, and its disadvantages include the following:

1. The maintenance of expensive turbocharged models is indeed more expensive in some items than naturally aspirated models in the same price range, which is also limited by the inherent conditions.

2. High fuel consumption The fuel consumption of a turbocharged engine is related to its working status, road conditions, and driving environment. The turbocharger system works much more, the fuel consumption is high, on the contrary the fuel consumption is low. Turbocharged vehicles will be relatively fuel-efficient at slow speeds, but turbocharged vehicles are not designed to provide sufficient power. For strong driving power, it is natural to pay higher fuel consumption.

3, the life is relatively short, easy to damage the turbocharger can be fully cooled under normal working conditions, there will be no problem, but after the stall flameout and power off, the cooling system can not continue to cool the turbo, while the turbine The blades still rotate at high speed due to inertia, and the bearings will be damaged at this time. This small damage will accumulate over time, reducing the working life of the turbine. Therefore, in everyday driving turbocharged vehicles, it is best to delay the flames after each stop, so that the turbine blade bearings still in high temperature can be cooled and lubricated to extend the bearing life. Therefore, when the long-distance traveling, the temperature of the turbine can be very high. Before stopping, the turbine must be allowed to continue working for 2-3 minutes. If it is turned off, the bearing that loses lubrication can easily be burned.

Naturally aspirated engines have accumulated over hundreds of years of technology. The technology has been very reliable and the quality is stable. Now an ordinary domestically-developed branded engine can achieve hundreds of thousands of kilometers without major overhaul. It can be seen that the technology of these engines is very mature. The smoothness of the idle, the noise when the cold car starts, and the smoothness of the running, the naturally aspirated engine will generally do better, and the power of the naturally aspirated engine will be more easily controlled. This is mainly reflected in the output of the force when the throttle is slightly manipulated. For example, if you keep the throttle at a certain opening, the naturally aspirated car will accelerate more smoothly and the acceleration will be relatively even.

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