January 24, 2022

How wireless bridges respond to control signals in wireless surveillance systems

The analog wireless monitoring system is divided into a bolting machine and a ball machine, wherein the bolting machine is relatively easy to understand, but if the dome camera is used, it is generally required to configure an analog wireless transmission device with integrated control. Analog wireless monitoring system in the bolt wireless monitoring and dome wireless monitoring equipment is not the same. However, wireless bridges do not have such a difference when they transmit.

The network cameras also have network guns and network domes. However, whether it is a network shot or a network dome, the same type of wireless bridge can be used for the same distance. So how does this control signal pass?
The control signal of the network ball machine is also a digital signal, which is transmitted to the monitoring center through the wireless network bridge. The center can directly control the ball machine. The general device is a keyboard and mouse.

Therefore, there is no need to worry about the control of the dome camera in the wireless monitoring system.

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