April 02, 2020

Gree Electric Water-cooled Centrifugal Chiller Recognized as "Internationally Advanced"

On August 8th, the "million kilowatt-class nuclear power water-cooled centrifugal chiller (fixed-frequency)" independently developed by Gree Electric Appliances carried out scientific and technological achievements evaluation in Zhuhai. The expert group unanimously determined that the unit reached the "internationally advanced" technological level.

It is understood that Gree's leading million kilowatt nuclear water-cooled centrifugal chillers are among the major national science and technology projects and are one of the sub-topics under the topic of “Study on the Independent Design and Manufacturing of Nuclear Power Plants' Auxiliary Equipment”. Gree Electric's independent research and development of "million kilowatts nuclear water-cooled centrifugal chiller (fixed frequency)" to fill the gap between the domestic central air-conditioning manufacturing enterprises in nuclear large-scale centrifuge products, but also means that the stability of the domestic central air-conditioning products, A qualitative leap in terms of reliability, service life, and more.

High technical requirements: There is no domestic centrifugal chiller that meets the requirements

2015 is a crucial year for China to enter nuclear power. The third-generation nuclear power technology currently used in China is the United States AP1000, which is CAP1000/1400 after digestion and absorption in China. As the safety requirements of nuclear power plants are extremely stringent, the matching refrigeration equipment is also more complex and demanding in design requirements.

Ordinary centrifugal unit chilled water outlet water temperature is usually 7 °C, and the nuclear power unit centrifugal unit outlet temperature reaches 4.4 °C; common centrifugal unit cooling water inlet temperature is 30 °C, and the nuclear power level centrifugal unit inlet temperature reaches 37.8 °C, the outlet temperature reached 46.7 °C.

In addition, the nuclear power plant's energy regulation range for the operation of the centrifugal units is also extremely high, with a range coverage of 10% to 100%.

Not only that, nuclear-grade centrifuges also need to meet a series of requirements such as anti-seismic, low-noise vibration and use up to 60 years. Due to the high technical requirements, only a very small number of foreign-invested companies have long been able to provide nuclear power plant-level centrifuges for nuclear power plants.

Technological innovation highlights: providing more reliable protection for the crew

According to the expert group's appraisal opinion, Gree's R&D of millions of kilowatts of nuclear water-cooled centrifugal chillers has been highlighted by innovations, which mainly include the following points:

First, the dedicated two-stage centrifugal compressor for millions of kilowatts of nuclear power is developed. Patented technologies such as tandem vane recirculators, high-efficiency free-surface ternary impellers, and micro-axial force rotors are used to improve the efficiency and operation of the compressor. Tonality and reliability;

Second, the development of a copper rotor motor has effectively increased the motor's efficiency and overload capacity;

Thirdly, the application of the double compressor string reverse flow arrangement and joint operation flow is used to effectively balance the pressure ratio and load of the two compressors, and meet the requirements of stable operation of large temperature difference, large cooling capacity and variable load of nuclear power;

Fourth, the unit control system adopts multiple redundant control modes such as multiple anti-surge measures and key control parameter replacement control to provide guarantee for the continuous stable and reliable operation of the unit;

Fifthly, the development of new processing technologies such as the tube plate at the two ends of the heat exchanger and the expansion and welding of the heat transfer tube, the expansion of the middle tube sheet and the heat transfer tube, etc., have effectively ensured the sealing performance of the heat exchanger.

Significant: Gree once again participated in national major science and technology projects to fill gaps in domestic technology

The VWS (Central Chilled Water System) independently developed by Gree will be used as the core refrigeration equipment for the nuclear island project, providing a reliable guarantee for the safety and comfort of the nuclear island heating equipment and workers.

Gree successfully developed MS01 water-cooled centrifugal chillers, filling a gap in the field of nuclear power refrigeration in China. Therefore, the significance of localization of nuclear power equipment is profound.

Huang Wei, deputy director of the National Energy Technology and Equipment Division, said at the appraisal meeting that Gree is a R&D enterprise with a social responsibility. It also has considerable technical innovation, so it is quite certain that the project will be successfully passed.

“The biggest highlight of this time is that the main engine and pump of the centrifuge unit is independently developed and has complete independent intellectual property rights. This makes me feel excited and proud.” Huang Xi said with joy.

Prior to this, Cang Yongbin, chief consultant of the China Federation of Machinery Industry, said in an interview that “China cannot rely on imported equipment to complete the transition from a nuclear power to a nuclear power, and without the localization of nuclear power equipment, there will be no major development of nuclear power in China today. There is no more conditions for nuclear power to go out. The MS01 water-cooled centrifugal chiller adopting the environmentally friendly refrigerant R134a can obtain a 100% localized market, which will reduce the barriers to China's nuclear power exports."

Zhang Zhaohui, secretary-general of the China Refrigeration and Air-conditioning Industry Association, pointed out that China's national central air-conditioning enterprises have gone deeper and deeper in the independent research and development road of the most technologically-owned large-scale chiller products. Gree Electric Appliances is one of the most outstanding representative companies. In recent years, Gree Electric Co., Ltd. has continuously made important progress in the technological innovation of the centrifugal unit products, including a series of products such as a permanent magnet synchronous DC frequency conversion centrifuge, a photovoltaic direct drive frequency conversion centrifuge, and a magnetic suspension frequency conversion centrifuge, helping Gree. On the one hand, electrical appliances have formed a unique technical style in the technology of centrifugal units, and on the other hand they have broken some of the core technologies that have long been monopolized by foreign companies. The successful R&D of the "million kilowatt nuclear water-cooled centrifugal chiller" marks the extension of Gree's centrifuge technology to more specialized subdivisions, which also reflects Gree's deep accumulation of centrifuge technology. And the ability to use it.

Prior to this, Gree has participated in 3 national 863 plans, 10 national torch plans, and 7 national key new product plans. The MS01 water-cooled centrifugal chiller development project is yet another national key science and technology major project that Gree has participated in and is a milestone sign: Gree will have its own independent intellectual property rights in the MS01 water-cooled centrifugal chiller. This is Gree's leap-forward development in quality from civil use and military quality to nuclear power. Gree has taken a firm and powerful step on the road to world brands.

Persistence in technology has not only helped Gree get a massive settlement, but it has also made Gree an outstanding market player. According to the "HVAC News" "China Central Air Conditioning Market Development Report for the First Half of 2015", Gree's central air-conditioning market share is 18.1%, ranking first in the industry for four consecutive years.

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