April 02, 2020

Haval H6: Practical Model

The huge lines of Haval H6 outline a trace of personality. Moreover, Haval H6 pays great attention to the practical performance of the vehicle, and can clearly feel the driving pleasure brought by Haval H6 during operation.

Let us come to Zhengzhou Fangyuan second-hand car museum to learn about a Great Wall Haval H6 Sports 2014 2014 1.5T manual pioneer Elite (National IV), to see what are the characteristics of this well-known models.


Second-hand Great Wall Haval H6 detailed parameters please see the table below


The appearance of Haval H6 retains the toughness and masculine style of SUV. At the same time, it pays more attention to detail design and incorporates more modern technology, fashion and luxury elements. The appearance of the vehicle gives a handsome and elegant feeling. ChinaNet uses the combination of chrome and bright black mesh, exaggerated Chinese network design, and more attention to detail, improving the quality of many vehicles. The headlights in the headlights are properly matched with the internal light source and lens to make the headlights look fuller overall, and the HAVAL Peugeot enhances the overall grade of the vehicle. The overall line of the tail is very full, the chrome plated license plate trim plate is added to the license plate frame, the exhaust pipe part is not all exposed, and the taillights are also decorated with silver trim.


Haval H6 pays more attention to detail performance. The outlet is square, and the overall line of the instrument panel is more layered. The steering wheel is wrapped in leather and has a medium thickness. The location of the multi-function key is well-designed and it is convenient to use. The imitation wood grain structure extends from the central control to both sides and penetrates the rear door guard plate, connecting the instrument panel with the door guard plate as a whole, which improves the quality of the interior. Ambient lights and welcome pedals create a warm atmosphere that enhances the quality of the vehicle.


Power, equipped with a 1.5L turbocharged engine, equipped with a 6-speed manual transmission; maximum power 110kW/5600rpm, maximum torque 210Nm/2200-4500rpm.


Haval H6 integrates more stylish, smart, luxury urban element design, with stylish atmosphere appearance, warm interior, and smart equipment throughout the car to meet the dual needs of the city SUV's emotional and functional needs.

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