November 30, 2021

Guodian Construction Investment Co., Ltd. won the national utility model patent

Guodian Jiantou Inner Mongolia Energy Co., Ltd. established a scientific and technological research team by taking advantage of the coal-electricity integration project, and borrowed the application principle of the dust removal and defogger of the power plant flue gas desulfurization tower SL21000H, and developed a dust removal and demisting device adapted to the characteristics of downhole wind flow. The development and putting into use of the dust removal device is another technological revolution in the history of dust removal in the world, filling the international and domestic gaps; reducing the environmental dust concentration and reducing the risk of workers suffering from pneumoconiosis, and the environmental benefits are remarkable. On August 17, 2016, the name of the coal mine horizontal full-section high-efficiency dust removal device was successfully applied to the State Intellectual Property Office for invention patents and utility model patents. It was published on the website of the State Intellectual Property Office on November 16, 2016, November 2016. On the 21st, it officially received the Notice of the State Intellectual Property Office on the entry of the invention patent into the substantive examination stage (patent number 201610678040.0). On December 21, 2016, the State Intellectual Property Office issued a notice for granting utility model patents (patent number 201620892511.3).

In order to reduce the content of coal dust and dust in coal mines, the mine has traditionally adopted spray dust reduction measures, mainly installing a full-section spray device in the form of a straight rod or arch in the roadway. Some mines add a nylon mesh to the above. The floating coal dust is adsorbed and sprayed on the nylon mesh. The water mist sprayed by the spray device combines with coal dust and dust to form water droplets and fall, achieving the purpose of dust removal. However, whether it is a straight-type spray device or a arch-type spray device, it is limited in use in different support forms of the roadway. The two spray devices can only be sprayed in the same direction, and there is a spray dead angle, which does not reach the full-surface fog. Therefore, the dust removal effect is limited, but due to the poor dust removal effect of the traditional dust removal measures, the wind speed of the fully mechanized mining face, or the high wind speed in the main return airway, the fully mechanized mining face returns to the wind, the main return airway, etc. The regional dust concentration is still high, so further dust removal is required.

From May to October 2016, the high-efficiency dust removal device has been installed in the area of ​​the wind well bottom of the Chahasu coal mine, the bottom lane of the bottom hole, the return airway of the east wing, and the 31309 return air bypass. 19 sets of dust collectors have been installed and used in 13 main dust removal sites. The biggest feature of this device is that, combined with the aerodynamics and fluid mechanics principle, according to the characteristics of the downhole wind flow, the combined use of the blade to change the direction of the wind flow, continuously filter and clean the dust mist in the passing air flow, and separate the air in the air. Dust mist droplets achieve the purpose of fully automatic dust removal and purification of wind flow. Through the use of the horizontal full-section high-efficiency dust removal device of the coal mine, the underground working environment is improved. The dust removal efficiency of the whole roadway is about 23% for dust removal and about 20% for dust removal. The dust removal device is dusty after use. The dust removal efficiency is about 55%, and the dust removal efficiency of the dust is about 60%, which is increased by 140% and 200%, respectively.

Infrared Thermometer

An infrared thermometer's advantage against a conventional probe thermometer is speed and the fact that it is non-contact; but keep in mind an infrared thermometer only measures the surface temperature. Infrared thermometers are easy to use, simply point the instrument at the object you wish to measure and read the temperature on the LCD.

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