November 30, 2021

Guowu Dongfeng Tianlong Houshuangqiao Sprinkler Chusheng CSC5250GPSD13 Green Sprayer

Guowu Dongfeng Tianlong Houshuangqiao sprinkler chassis configuration: 6×4 drive, D310 flat head standard cab, Dongfeng Cummins ISD245 50 electronically controlled high pressure common rail engine (WHTC), wheelbase 4350+1350 (mm), in front of the frame 940mm wide, 860mm wide, resistance heating cold start device, all steel 350L main fuel tank, fuel tank lock (four locks one), electronic accelerator pedal and switch, muffler side exhaust port facing side, Φ430mm push Diaphragm spring clutch, 9th gear 9JS119T-B gearbox, head gear speed ratio 9.204, the highest grade is overspeed gear, 7T front axle, 10T single-stage retarding double rear axle (Dongfeng 435), main reduction ratio 4.44, no wheel Differential speed lock, frame longitudinal section size 300×90×(8+6)mm, leaf spring number 9/10, 11.00R20 radial tire, tire level 16PR, manual adjustment arm, Dongfeng Technology ABS (4 channels) Full floating front and rear suspension mechanical shock cab suspension, hydraulic electric flip, colorless laminated front windshield, electric glass lifter, central control front door lock, airbag shock absorber driver seat, channel type instrument panel, belt Air conditioning, cruise system. Reserved interface - for use with the 12 version of the tachograph and the Beidou terminal.

The effective volume of the tank is 17.5 cubic meters. The outer dimensions of the tank (length × width × height) (mm): 6800 × 2380 × 1580; the maximum volume of 21 square.




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Casting Master Alloy

Casting master alloys are a type of high-temperature alloys used in investment casting process. They have high alloying chemical composition ranges and a high service temperature range. Investment castings are the key components used in the hot sections of aeroengines and gas turbines, including large complex thin-walled structural parts such as turbine rear frames, turbine rotating and guide blades, discs, stators, diffusers and so on. The company is one of the few domestic manufacturers that possesses the core technology of high-temperature alloy near-net investment casting. Such products are mainly used in aviation and gas turbine industries.



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