April 07, 2020

Hegang Wugang received orders for large thickness offshore platform rack steel

On December 7th, the reporter learned from the Ministry of Science and Technology that following the successful development of the A514GrQ of the 177.8mm thick marine platform rack steel in 2012, the first domestic mass production contract of the steel was again included in the Hegang Wugang Steel, the first batch of 260. The smooth delivery of tons of steel will be applied to a 400-foot jack-up rig built by a shipyard. Since then, the long-term monopoly of the large-thickness offshore platform rack steel has been completely broken.
It is reported that offshore platforms (including oil production platforms and drilling platforms) are subject to the erosion and destruction of natural forces such as waves, tsunamis, storms, seabed earthquakes, and low temperatures. The technical requirements of steel are extremely high, and their key parts are racks, The steel technical standards for pile legs and the like are more demanding: it requires a toughness of -40 °C, a yield strength of not less than 690 MPa, and a layer-like tear. It is more difficult to detect the impact toughness of 1/2 of the thickness of the steel sheet. And the impact power value is greatly improved. Before 2006, all domestic steel platform rack steels relied on imports. In order to break the foreign monopoly, Hegang Wugang has been developing large-thickness rack steel since 2006, and has developed rack steels with thicknesses of 114mm, 127mm and 154mm, filling the domestic gap. In 2012, the company successfully developed the 177.8mm thick rack steel in China, but it was not able to mass production due to equipment capacity limitations. Since then, the company has upgraded the relevant equipment to meet the requirements for quenching 180mm steel plates. In November 2015, the company's first batch of 260 tons of 177.8mm thick marine platform rack steel A514GrQ was successfully produced in batches, and the second batch of more than 500 tons of contracts was under production. This marks that after Germany's Dillingen, Japan's Nippon Steel and France's Arcelor, the company became the fourth manufacturer in the world to produce the A514GrQ rack steel with a thickness of 177.8mm.
In recent years, in order to meet the needs of national marine economic strategy development, the company has developed and mass-produced marine steels such as DH36, EH36, D40, E40, F36, A514GrQ, A517GrQ, EQ7, etc. The products cover all the strengths of current offshore steel. Level, multiple products fill the domestic gap. Hegang Wugang also drafted and formulated the national standard for the self-elevating platform steel for pile legs on behalf of the state. According to incomplete statistics, the cumulative supply of more than 200,000 tons, almost all of the offshore drilling platforms built and under construction in China have the steel for the offshore oil platform of Hegang Wugang. The first world-class deep-sea project in China, the Tsuen Wan project, has more than 3,000 tons of steel used in the most critical part of the gas field center, all of which are Hegang Wugang products.

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