April 07, 2020

Programmable temperature and humidity hot and humid test box 16 points use knowledge

Programmable temperature and humidity hot and humid test box 16 points use knowledge

Programmable temperature and humidity hot and humid test chambers are instruments that change temperature and humidity, and have certain requirements and settings for temperature and humidity. With the development of the times, more and more programmable high-low temperature damp heat test boxes have been used in industrial sectors such as research, agriculture, HVAC, textiles, computer rooms, aerospace, and electric power. The combination of inside and outside makes the device more comfortable to use:

1, pay attention to the health of the compressor and its equipment and the environment. Periodically clean the ash on the compressor condenser. Because too much dust accumulation will cause the device to appear overpressure or not cooling failure;

2, always check the motor for debris and even conductive objects, whether the coil is damaged, the stator, the rotor friction, otherwise the motor will start to burn out;

3. Observe whether the oil level in the oil sump of the fuselage and the oil in the lubricator are lower than the tick marks. If it is low, add in enough time (check with the dipstick to stop);

4. Seriously inspect the movement sounds of cylinders and moving parts at all levels to determine whether it is working properly according to “listening”, and stop the inspection if abnormal sounds are found;

5, the use of lubrication machine precipitation filter. Compressor oil in winter and summer should be used differently.

6, if the water-cooled compressor can not immediately enter the water if water is cut off to avoid cylinder cracks caused by uneven cooling and heating. After parking in winter to release cooling water to avoid cracking in the cylinder, etc.; air-cooled compression as long as the indoor temperature is not Suddenly hot and cold can be, manufacturers suggest that it is best to put in the standard laboratory, equipped with air conditioning, the temperature can be constant at 25-28 degrees constant is appropriate.

7, hand feel under the detection of high and low temperature alternating hot and humid test box cross rail at the suction and exhaust cutting cover, etc., temperature is normal;

8, check the cooling water temperature, flow is normal;

9. Check whether the compressor is vibrating and whether the anchor bolts are loose or fall off.

10. Pay attention to the pressure gauges on the various levels, the pressure gauges on the gas tanks and coolers, and the indication values ​​of the oil pressure gauges within the specified range;

11, check the lubricating oil supply situation, the lubrication mechanism of the movement mechanism of the lubrication system (some compressors are equipped with plexiglass baffles on the side of the fuselage crosshead rails, you can directly see the cross-head movement and the lubricating oil supply); cylinder , Filler can use one-way cutting for oil inspection, you can check the oil injector to the cylinder in the case of oil;

12. Pay attention to the temperature rise of the motor, bearing temperature and voltmeter, and the indication of the current meter is normal. The current must not exceed the rated current of the motor. If it exceeds, check the cause or stop the inspection.

13. Is there any abnormal sound during heating of the motor?

14, check the pressure regulator or load regulator, safe cutting is sensitive;

15, gas tanks, coolers, oil and water separators should always release the oil and water;

16, regular cleaning of the refrigeration system, especially the copper tube and the bottle body. Check Freon's balance regularly.

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