April 07, 2020

·Automobile energy-saving path should be diversified

In the face of fuel consumption limits, both enterprises and research institutions are actively exploring the realization path. The diversified development of traditional energy vehicle energy-saving technologies and new energy vehicles has become the focus of attention in the industry.
In terms of vehicle energy conservation, Wang Zhengsheng, chief engineer of Changan Automobile Engineering Research Institute, advocates that a diversified development path should be taken. “The energy-saving path of automobiles should be rich and colorful, because different environments and energy resources make the development of new energy in different countries and regions of the world different. However, it is an overall trend to formulate more and more strict regulations on automobile fuel consumption. The development of new energy vehicles and traditional energy vehicles technology needs to be coordinated and progress, and develop in a diversified direction." Wang Zhengsheng said.
As a leader in domestic new energy vehicles, BYD Auto has played an active role in the development of new energy vehicles in China. Lian Yubo, vice president of BYD Auto Co., Ltd. said: "Under the double crisis of environment and energy, the development of new energy vehicles is both a national strategy and an important strategic choice for BYD. BYD has clarified the technical path of new energy vehicles. With the support of the whole industry chain, the whole market strategy with seven major areas and four special fields as the main body has been formed."
Toyota, which has been leading the hybrid technology, has made great achievements in the field of new energy. Zhou Meisheng, director of Toyota Power Transmission, believes that conventional hybrid and new energy vehicles are important ways to achieve sustainable development in the automotive industry. He also said: "After the hybrid technology, Toyota's fuel cell vehicle technology has also made great progress. Its cleaner and energy-saving product features will be one of the important directions for the development of automotive energy-saving technology in the future, but the promotion will depend on it. Infrastructure equipment and the construction of hydrogen refueling stations.” Cai Yanxin, senior manager of Daimler Greater China Investment Co., Ltd. believes that automotive energy conservation should focus on technological innovation, and the innovative development of 48V automotive electrical systems has promoted energy conservation and emission reduction in the automotive industry. effect.

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