October 22, 2021

·Nexans tires have been rated as the most satisfied by customers for 7 consecutive years.

For the seventh consecutive year, Nexans Tire has achieved the first certification in the global customer satisfaction [Global Customer Satisfaction Competency Index (GCSI)]. The satisfaction survey was conducted by the Korea Global Management Association under the supervision of the Japan Management Advisory Committee (JMA). The Nexans tire manufacturer was very honored to announce the final result in Beijing on June 23. Yang Chang-soo, chairman of Qingdao Nexen Tire, accepted the award as the official representative of Nexans tyres.

Global Customer Satisfaction Competency Index (GCSI) Global Customer Satisfaction Index is a customer satisfaction assessment system developed by a multinational consulting group, the Japan Management Advisory Committee. The consulting group conducts customer satisfaction assessment based on annual national consumption data. This year, approximately 101,000 Korean respondents are part of this year's Global Customer Satisfaction Survey.

Nexans Tire said: This honor is a recognition that Nexans has always strived to provide customers with high-quality tire products through strict quality assurance, and actively respond to customer needs and product development.

Nexans tires are the first tire companies in the domestic industry to use the tire insurance guarantee system in 2008. Since then, Nexans tires have been regularly conducting customer satisfaction related activities. In addition, we also provide one-on-one expert customer consultation through the “Happy Hotline”, listen to customer feedback, solve customer complaints, and provide different levels of service, which are very satisfying to customers.

Nexans tires currently have four state-of-the-art research facilities and three manufacturing facilities in Korea, China, the United States and Europe (two in South Korea and one in Qingdao, China). In October 2015, the company began construction of a new tire manufacturing plant in Zatek, Czech Republic. The plant will be equipped with state-of-the-art automation systems and environmentally friendly technologies. Commercial operations are expected to begin in 2018.

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