October 22, 2021

Our army is participating in the latest battles, glass fiber reinforced plastic grille

Our military participating ships are the latest combat forces

The ships participating in this exercise are the latest types of combat forces of the Chinese Navy, forming effective three-dimensional protection and attack capabilities. Such as the command ship is China's latest destroyer 052D Hefei ship, with strong regional air defense and combat capabilities of the sea; 054A missile frigate can be alone or in conjunction with other naval forces glass fiber reinforced plastic grille attack enemy surface ships, submarines, with strong remote Vigilance and anti-aircraft combat capabilities. Fiberglass grille

The Navy’s three major fleets, hundreds of ships, dozens of aircraft, and some shoreline launch units held live-fire confrontation exercises. The participating forces were dominated by the South China Sea Fleet, including some forces of the North Sea Fleet and the East China Sea Fleet, covering aviation and submarines. Surface warships such as FRP gratings and shore defence units.

Li Jie, a military expert, said that the drills of the drill had higher levels of FRP gratings. First, the participating forces are from the four major arms of the Navy’s three fleets, which are of the operational-grade scale. Second, the number of ships is relatively large, reaching hundreds of ships. The main part of the participating forces was the FRP Sea Fleet. The commander of the exercise was Shen Jinlong, commander of the South China Sea Fleet. Li Jie believes that the exercises conducted in the direction of the South China Sea are naturally dominated by the South China Sea Fleet. As the main force guarding the South China Sea, the South China Sea Fleet and the U.S. FRP grille have the highest number of clashes. Fiberglass grille

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