October 22, 2021

Seriously not serious at a glance, the consequences of engine carbon deposition

The engine is the heart of the car. It is the most important core component. With it, the car can have the power to drive four wheels to run. If a car engine is scrapped, it means that the entire car is scrapped. "Carbon deposit" as an invisible brake, has brought great harm to the engine. In severe cases, the engine may be scrapped. The "carbon deposit" of the engine will not be formed immediately, but it will slowly form during the day-to-day running of the car.


The cause of carbon deposition in the engine:

The engine produces carbon deposits mainly in two aspects. First, uneven fuel quality and congested urban road conditions are the reasons that cause EFI engines to easily form carbon deposits; secondly, the engine itself determines that the direct injection engine is generally used. It is more likely to produce carbon deposits than EFI engines. In the engine, the oil does not fully burn the residue formed at high temperatures, and it is relatively hard, and it easily clogs the nozzle and the back of the intake valve.

Carbon damage:

1. Decrease of power, increase of fuel consumption, increase of emission of pollutants from exhaust gas, difficulty in cold start, abnormal sound during acceleration, etc.; when the piston deposit is serious, it may cause the piston ring to be stuck and scratch the cylinder wall. Cylinder.

2. The various structures that make up the combustion chamber in the cylinder are the main parts where carbon deposition occurs. When the carbon deposition is severe, these structures will not work properly.

How can we reduce the formation of carbon deposits?

1. Long-term low-speed driving will also cause the fuel in the engine to burn uncleanly. Under such high temperature conditions, some wastes will easily form carbon deposits. When the engine is running at a low speed, the rushing throttle increase speeds up the formation of carbon deposits.

2. For a prolonged hot car, low engine speed is also one of the reasons for the formation of carbon deposits. The correct hot car mode is: Start, idle for 30 seconds, then slow speed, until the water temperature is normal, you can normal driving!


3. When the number of consignments on the truck is large, it is beyond the normal working range of the truck. In this case, the engine will produce very high speed, high-load working conditions, the engine's fuel is not burned clean, resulting in increased carbon deposition. If the temperature of the air conditioning in the cab is adjusted too high or too low, carbon deposition is easily generated.

Editor's Note: Driving the car with the correct method, often doing maintenance for the engine, can reduce the formation of carbon deposits in the engine. Drivers must cherish their own vehicles while driving. If they drive in unfavorable conditions for a long time, they will only cause the vehicle's retirement period to advance.

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