October 22, 2021

Bank-enterprise cooperation, mutual benefits and win-win

China Everbright Bank and China National Heavy Duty Truck's first auto mortgage delivery ceremony was held on February 28 at CNHTC Jinan Commercial Vehicle Company. Shandong Zhongxin Chengrun Hong Kong Logistics Co., Ltd. took advantage of the mortgage loan provided by Everbright Bank and obtained the first batch of 42 Chinese Heavy Duty Truck HOKA series tractor keys, becoming the first user of Sinotruk's consumer credit business in 2008. This indicates that the China National Heavy Duty Truck consumer credit business has entered the full implementation phase.

Yan Guijun, general manager of China Everbright Bank's head office, and Wei Zhihai, vice president of CNHTC attended the delivery ceremony.

Yan Guijun said in his speech that in 2007, the annual sales volume of China National Heavy Duty Truck exceeded 100,000 units and was listed on Hong Kong red chips, indicating that China National Heavy Duty Truck has occupied a pivotal position in the heavy truck industry in China and even in the world. Everbright Bank, as a commercial bank with “boutique banks” as its development goal, focuses on building a chained marketing network based on the industrial chain and with industry leaders as the core. Currently, it has established comprehensive business cooperation with more than 30 automobile manufacturers such as China National Heavy Duty Truck Group and FAW-Volkswagen Automotive and has a relatively large market share. The "Automotive Consumer Credit Mortgage Loan" jointly developed by China Everbright Bank and China National Heavy Duty Truck Co., Ltd. is a new milestone in the cooperation between the two parties. Through the smooth start-up of automobile consumer credit mortgage loan business, it will surely achieve the goal of “harmony, win-win, and development”.

At the ceremony, Wang Lin, Secretary of the Party Committee of China Everbright Bank Jinan Branch delivered a loan check to Jiao Zhongping, General Manager of CNHTC Commercial Vehicle Sales Department. Li Jiaxin, chairman of Shandong Zhongxin Chengrun Logistics Co., Ltd., was pleased to receive the HOKA tractor key from the hands of Chen Guiming, deputy governor of Jinan Branch of Everbright Bank, and Zou Zhonghou, general manager of China National Heavy Truck Group.

China Chengxin Rungang Logistics Co., Ltd. is a large-scale logistics company with nearly 400 transportation vehicles, most of which are heavy-duty trucks. In January of this year, they signed a purchase contract for 100 HOKA tractors with China National Heavy Duty Truck Commercial Vehicle Sales and applied for a car mortgage loan. Sinotruk worked closely with China Everbright Bank and completed the approval of mortgage loans in less than 20 days. The first delivery of 42 tractors, Everbright Bank loans 8.34 million.

Previously, China Heavy-Duty Truck Group Co., Ltd., China National Heavy Duty Trucks Hong Kong Co., Ltd. and China Merchants Bank, Agricultural Bank of China, Everbright Bank signed an agreement on bank-enterprise cooperation in relation to the development of auto consumption loans. Everbright Bank has taken the lead in providing a RMB 1 billion consumer credit facility to carry out credit business operations with China National Heavy Duty Truck Corporation. The development of consumer credit business solved the large amount of funds for heavy-duty distribution network units. At present, the amount of credit granted by China Everbright Bank to China National Heavy Duty Trucks Distribution Unit has reached 300 million yuan.

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