October 22, 2021

Harbin Automotive Industry Welcomes a Big "Good"

"Aviation industry companies can not only build cars but also build cars." Yesterday morning, at the signing ceremony of Mitsubishi Motors Corporation's transfer of automatic transmissions to Dongan Automobile Co., Ltd., China Aviation Industry Corporation, deputy group leader of the preparatory group, vice president of AVIC II Group. Manager Tan Ruisong announced to the outside world: As a large-scale manufacturing enterprise group in China, the determined determination and confidence of China Aviation Industry Corporation to vigorously develop the automotive industry will not change. This remark made the rumors of the “disassociation of the auto industry after the establishment of China Aviation Airlines” be broken, and also made Harbin Automobile Industry, a company owned by AVIC’s automotive industry, usher in new opportunities for development.

China Aviation Policy Funds Will Lean to Auto Industry

The soon-to-be established AVIC Group consists of the existing AVIC I Group and the AVIC II Group. Its affiliated companies have nearly 30 years of automotive production history. Among them, Hafei Motors and Changhe Automotive used to occupy the “half of the mountain” in the domestic mini-car market, and Dong’an Automotive engine companies also occupy an important position in the domestic gasoline engine market. Since the beginning of the year, it has been rumors in the society that the merger of AVIC 1st and 2nd Group will be devoted to the aviation industry and will separate the automobile industry. Under this background, the rumors of "reorganization of Harbin Automobile Industry Group and Dongfeng Automobile" and "Separation of Changhe Automobile and Aviation Industry Matrix" are not far behind.

When the "marriage affairs" of the affiliated automobile company of the China Aeronautic Group II was "only heard when the stairs rang, but no one was down," yesterday Tan Ruisong's speech made the matter clear. These remarks showed for the first time the determination and confidence of the forthcoming AVIC Group to develop its automotive industry and formally sent a clear signal to the outside world: AVIC Group will enlarge and strengthen the automobile industry.

Tan Ruisong said that as a pillar industry of the national economy, the automotive industry will continue to grow rapidly in the coming period. The forthcoming China Aviation Group will simultaneously plan the two major aviation and automobile industries, and recently lean towards the auto industry in terms of policies, funds, etc. We will innovate our systems and mechanisms to overcome difficulties in development, streamline product planning, pay close attention to market development, and vigorously reduce costs. The Group will fully develop the automobile industry and strengthen and expand the automotive industry of the aviation industry system.

Hafei reorganizes possible renewable variables

Tan Ruisong’s statement made it possible that the reorganization of Hafei and Dongfeng, which had once been hotly fired, could be reborn. Yesterday, when the reporter contacted Hafei Motors, the answer was whether the success or failure of the matter was still inconclusive. However, relevant sources pointed out that since Tan Ruisong made it clear that the forthcoming China Aviation Group will not spin off the auto industry, Dongfeng intends to control the restructuring of Hafei. The outlook may not be optimistic. However, Hafei had previously cooperated with Peugeot. Since there was no separation from the aviation system framework, it is very likely that “salted fish will turn over”.

Harbin will seize the opportunity to expand the automotive industry

The person in charge of the Municipal Economic Commission told reporters that the decision of the upcoming AVIC Group to expand its automotive industry is undoubtedly a good news for the development of the automobile industry in Harbin. At present, Hafei's production ranks among the top ten in China, and Dongan Automobile Engine has entered the top five of its peers. This time, it began to produce automatic transmissions and its strength has grown. The aviation industry and automobile industry are similar in technology and technology, and the two aviation system auto companies have a solid foundation and background. In addition, the strong support of the upcoming China Aviation Group will have a bright future. Harbin City will seize this opportunity to combine it with the adjustment of the city’s industrial structure to form a more powerful industrial chain and industrial cluster and to strengthen the automotive industry in Harbin.

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