October 22, 2021

Emerson Valve Center Provides New Approach to Diagnostic Control Valves

Emerson Process Management recently announced that the company’s Columbia Service Center for Instrument Valve Service has been re-approved by the Nuclear Facility Purchasing Affairs Committee (NUPIC) and will provide control valves and related for US and Canadian nuclear power plants part. The approved products and services from this center are safety-related control valves and valve components that have Emerson's FlowScanner 6000 valve diagnostic system, FlowScanner calibration, and FlowScanner repair capabilities.
This audit report was issued by the Nuclear Facilities Purchasing Affairs Committee on December 6, 2007. The audit report was composed of a group of experts from the nuclear industry and provided guarantees for procurement personnel of nuclear power plants. The Emerson Columbia Service Center must adhere to the quality program and must meet the quality assurance standards for nuclear power plants and the combustion re-recycling process at 18 points in 10CFR50 Appendix B and USNRC Part 21.
The FlowScanner6000 valve diagnostic system provides a more accurate and safe method for diagnosing control valves. This unique diagnostic tool collects valve data through a very precise valve sensor. This data can be used by the factory personnel for data analysis and observation, maintaining optimal control valve performance.

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