October 22, 2021

Killing, disease prevention and multi-functional pesticides come out

Recently, the reporter learned from Kaifeng Pesticide Chemical Research Institute that the Institute has developed a multi-functional new drug for killing and disease prevention – a mixture of wheat bran. Due to the good effect of killing and preventing diseases, the product is very popular among local farmers.
It is understood that the main control object of this pesticide is wheat aphids. At the time of sowing, the pesticide is mixed with the seeds, so that the pesticide can be environmentally-friendly and the control effect is good, the control time is long, the natural enemy is not harmed, and the air is not polluted. In addition to locusts, the pesticide can also control long-term underground pests such as cockroaches, cockroaches, and golden-headed grasshoppers, effectively control the spread of seed propagation and soil diseases, reduce occurrence of sheath blight, total erosion, rust, and powdery mildew, and reduce wheat production. The probability of occurrence of pests and diseases in the whole growth period. The results of the experiment showed that the control effect of Maijingjing on wheat sharp eyespot was 97.1%-98%, the control effect of underground pests was 96%-99%, and the control time of wheat aphids was 210 days.
It is understood that the main component of the pesticide is a heterocyclic compound, which has low toxicity to thermostatic animals and is easily degraded in the natural environment.

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