October 22, 2021

Effect of Industrial Pump Enamel Technology on Pump Performance

Enamel is the vitreous enamel coated on the surface of the metal substrate, after high temperature sintering, enamel and metal physical and chemical reaction between the strong combination of the overall mechanical strength of the metal surface corrosion of glass, heat, Wear-resistant, easy to clean and decorative features such as a coating material. It is mainly used for steel, cast iron, aluminum products and other surfaces, widely used.

First, the basic composition of enamel

Enamel is a certain composition of the glass frit with additives to smash the mixture made of glaze, and then painted on the metal surface and the formation of the coating.

Second, enamel substrate surface cleaning

Before the metal body must be alkaline in the enamel wash, pickling or sandblasting to rust, degreasing and clean. Pump casting is generally shot peening → blasting → low temperature drying.

Third, the application of enamel and enamel firing

1. The enamel coating methods are mainly hand-painted enamel, spray enamel, dip enamel, electrophoresis enamel, electrostatic spray enamel and other. Generally according to the number of products, quality requirements, raw materials, productivity, etc. to choose a reasonable coating method.

2. Enamel firing according to different products choose the right temperature and time. Enamel firing pump casting process is generally: <300 ℃ into the furnace → heating 550 ~ 820 ℃ → off furnace cold → <300 ℃ baked.

Fourth, the performance requirements of the castings

Enamel castings should have good fluidity, organizational structure must be dense, small graphite, no pores, cracks and other defects. Its mechanical properties and chemical composition should meet the following requirements:

Fifth, the impact of enamel on the pump performance

Enamel coating with its outstanding glass properties and good physical and mechanical properties, making it more widely used in the pump industry.

1. The application of enamel technology Cast iron pump produces excellent corrosion resistance to chemical medium, resistant to a variety of inorganic acids and organic acids, weak acids and organic solvents, as well as oil, non-toxic, non-polluting, not hanging material and electrical insulation, etc. , Significantly expanded the application area of ​​cast iron pump.

2. The application of enamel technology to make the pump flow components smoother, thereby reducing the flow of friction loss and improve pump efficiency, proven to increase efficiency of about 5%, significant energy saving.

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