June 06, 2020

Breakthrough in key technologies for lithium-ion power batteries

Recently, experts from the Ministry of Science and Technology of the Ministry of Science and Technology organized an acceptance of the “12th Five-Year” National Science and Technology Support Program “New High-safety Diaphragm Research and Application Demonstration for Lithium Ion Power Batteries” in Beijing. The acceptance expert group listened to the report of the project leader on the implementation of the project in accordance with the “Regulations on the Management of the National Science and Technology Support Plan” and the “Special Funds Management Measures of the National Science and Technology Support Program”, and reviewed relevant materials. After questioning and discussion, acceptance The expert group believes that the project has completed the main tasks and indicators specified and agreed to pass the acceptance.


The project uses a controlled UV cross-linked poly(aryl ether ketone) to prepare a lithium battery separator with adjustable thickness of 20-40 microns. The key technology of lithium ion power battery based on new high safety diaphragm is studied, and the battery system test and development platform is established. , carried out research on efficient energy balance technology of battery management system. Established a production line of 30 tons of controlled UV cross-linked polyaryletherketone lithium ion power battery separator, with an annual output of 1 million square meters of controlled UV cross-linked poly(aryl ether ketone) lithium ion power battery separator production line, battery system in electric Demonstration application on the bus. The acceptance expert group unanimously agreed that the project passed the acceptance.


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