January 21, 2022

What are the characteristics of the mining industry?

The process and operation of mining mineral resources is called mining. Compared with other industrial types of the national economy, the mining industry has the following characteristics:

1. Mine construction is limited by mineral resources, and it is not free to choose the mine site. Often due to the limitations of the location of mineral resources, it causes inconvenience in construction, transportation, power, life, etc., thus increasing the amount of construction and construction and increasing investment. The construction period has grown.

Second, the mining work is the mineral resources, mineral resources have a certain amount, so the mine also has a certain number of years of service. When the resources are exhausted, the mine will end the foundation of existence.

Third, due to the diverse conditions of mineral resources, the location of mining work also changes with the advancement of the working surface, so mining operations are diverse. The methods and processes of mining should also change with the change of deposits and the advancement of mining work. Therefore, it is especially important to strengthen mine management and adjust production schedule and intensity in time.

4. Some ore in the mining production process cannot be produced, causing losses. In the process of mining and transportation, the waste rock is inevitably mixed to reduce the ore grade (depleted). Reducing the depletion rate and loss rate of mining work is an important quality requirement in mining work.

5. Mining operations are subject to objective conditions, especially underground mining. The labor intensity is high, the working conditions are poor, the safety is poor, and it is difficult to achieve mechanization and automatic operation. Therefore, mining work should pay special attention to production safety and labor protection.

High Frequency Welding Machine

High frequency welding machine applications

It`s suitable for welding Blister&Blister, Blister&Paper card, Paper card&Paper card. Widely used in stationery, toys, electronic products, hardware, cosmetic etc.What's more , it's also suitable for  PVC, PE, PET, PETG, PP, PC, PS, HIPS, APET and so on.

High frequency welding machine features

1. Using vacuum tubes, the output power is stable and reliable. 

2. Sensitive spark over-current protection circuit. Can effectively cut off due to damage to host large current output, suppress sparks. 
3. Has a frequency stabilizer and high frequency shielding devices, the high-frequency interference to a minimum. 
4. Manually adjust the mould by the four corners horizontal adjustment, adjust die easily.
5. Can be automatically completed secondary welding process, improve work efficiency.
6. Stepless temperature heating system, make work more efficient.

7. Automatic over-current protection system, increase the service life of vacuum tubes, protect the mould.

8. International standard industrial band of 27.12 MHz..

High Frequency Welding Machine

High Frequency Fabric Welding Machine

High Frequency Welding Machine

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