January 21, 2022

Safety protection in production

In order to avoid radiation hazards in the workplace that may occur, chemical poisoning, fires and preventive measures against environmental pollution accidents to be taken thorium production. Earthworms are highly chemically toxic substances, and the emitted radiation is especially harmful to living things. The diffusion of bismuth-containing substances outside the production site can pollute the surrounding environment.钍 will spontaneously ignite at a certain temperature. Therefore, it is necessary to attach great importance to the safety protection in the production of plutonium. Radiation hazards in production sites include 氡-220 and daughters, gamma rays, beta rays, whisk, long-lived radioactive aerosols and surface pollutants. In the production process of antimony mining, antimony ore smelting, in order to protect the health of workers and surrounding residents, the same radiation protection measures as in uranium production must be adopted (see safety protection in uranium production).

In the production process of the production and use of a large amount of strontium and its compounds, internal radiation caused by radioactive gases (æ°¡-220) and aerosols entering the human body through the respiratory system and digestive system, and gamma rays emitted by radioactive decay daughters Irradiation is more serious than the uranium production process. Take these factors into consideration when considering protective measures.

Thorium metal powder in air at a temperature of 543K will burst into flames. The operation of crushing, grinding and cutting the metal crucible is carried out under an inert (nitrogen or helium) atmosphere.

According to Chinese national standards, the annual intake limit of 钍-232 is 30kBq, and the derived air concentration is 40Bq/m 3 . The effective dose limit for radiation to workers is 50 mSv.

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