January 21, 2022

Flotation agent for main application of rare earth ore

(1) The research and application of flotation reagents for collector rare earth minerals can be divided into three stages.
Research and application of oleic acid based collector is the first stage, due to the low selectivity of oleic acid, the mineral composition can be applied to a relatively simple ore, and is mainly used in the flotation of bastnaesite.
Research and application of chelating hydroxamic acids collector of the second stage, which is a copper oxide mineral (malachite and chrysocolla), wolframite, perovskites, cassiterite, iron oxide ore, apatite, A good collector for pyrochlore and rare earth minerals.
The third stage is the research and application phase of efficient, new collectors. One of the most important reasons is that it is difficult to separate the two minerals in the mixed rare earth concentrate of bastnasite and monazite because their density, specific magnetic susceptibility, dielectric constant and floatability are very close. This is the case with the Baiyun Obo rare earth mine in China.
At present, the collectors of rare earth minerals mainly include oleic acid, phosphonic acid or phospholipids, alkylsulfonic acids, hydroxamic acids, 802, 804 and H894.
(2) Conditioning agents Adjusting agents include activators of rare earth minerals, inhibitors of non-rare earth minerals (and pH adjusters).
1 Activator Rare earth mineral activator is mainly sodium fluorosilicate, its main role is three: cleaning rare earth mineral surface oxidation film and adhered slime, restore its pure surface, inhibit silicate minerals, enhance the surface of rare earth minerals The activity of the collector.
Since the optimum flotation pH value of rare earth minerals is 8.5-9.5, the dissociation and hydrolysis of sodium fluorosilicate at this time are as follows:
Na 2 SiF 6 =2Na + +SiF 2- 6
SiF 2- 6 =SiF 4 +2F 2-
SiF 4 +4H 2 O=Si(OH) 4 +4HF
Si(OH) 4 = SiO 2 · 2H 2 O
HF=H + +F -
Many of the ions and molecules produced by the above reactions have an inhibitory effect on quartz , feldspar and other silicate minerals.
2 Inhibitors Silicate minerals are the main minerals associated with rare earth minerals, and water glass is a potent inhibitor. It not only inhibits silicate minerals, but also inhibits rare earth minerals and iron minerals. However, in medium alkaline media (pH=8.0-9.5), rare earth minerals have the highest floatability, while other minerals have poor floatability, which can achieve effective inhibition. The main application indicators of water glass in the flotation of rare earth minerals are:
a. The content of the active ingredient, i.e., total content xNa 2 O ySiO 2, typically 40% to 50%;
b. The modulus is m=SiO 2 /Na 2 O (m = 2.0 to 3.0 when the rare earth is floated).
(3) Foaming agent When oleic acid and alkyl hydroxamic acid are used as collectors of rare earth minerals, since they have strong foaming property, it is not necessary to add a foaming agent. With the application of the new collectors H205 and H894, new, highly efficient, nonionic surfactant foaming agents such as 210, J102, H103, etc. have emerged.

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