January 21, 2022

The influence of the structure of the grinding machine on the grinding process

1. The impact of the type of grinding machine
Production practices have shown that the types of grinding machines are the same and the productivity is different. In general, the productivity of the lattice type ball mill is 10 to 25 higher than that of the overflow type, and the productivity of the ball mill is about 15% higher than that of the rod mill. The reason for the difference between the lattice type and the overflow type productivity is that the lattice type ball mill has a lifting bucket, which is a low level forced discharge, the ball has a high drop height, a strong impact force, enhances the grinding effect, and contributes to productivity improvement.
2. Influence of grinding machine specifications
The length of the grinding machine barrel is long, and the time required for the material to be discharged from the feeding is long, that is, the material is polished for a long time, thereby affecting the granularity of the grinding product. The product requires coarse grain size and good ore grindability. It is advisable to use a short-tube type grinding machine; the product size is fine, the ore is difficult to grind, and a long-tube type grinding machine should be used.
According to the actual measurement, the ball mill's production capacity is proportional to its diameter of 2.6, which is proportional to the length; the ball mill's input power is proportional to its diameter of 2.4, which is proportional to the length. As a result, the productivity of the ball mill increases with diameter as the input power of the ball mill increases with diameter, so the large diameter ball mill is superior to the small diameter ball mill. The utilization factor of the large diameter ball mill is higher than that of the small diameter ball mill.
The use of a large ball mill can reduce the grinding series, occupy a small footprint, reduce infrastructure costs, and facilitate operation and maintenance. But the diameter of the grinding machine is not as large as possible. Studies have shown that the grinding efficiency of large-diameter ball mills is sometimes less than the grinding efficiency of ball mills with smaller diameters. Therefore, the maximum diameter of ball mills should not exceed 5 meters.
3. Impact of liner type
The geometric start and arrangement of the mill liners have different effects on productivity, power consumption and media consumption. The use of smooth linings has low productivity, high power consumption and media consumption. The reason is that the smooth lining is prone to relative sliding, and a higher rotational speed is required to cause a falling motion. When the lining plate is thick, the grinding machine has a small effective volume and low productivity, and conversely, the productivity is high.
In recent years, a new type of lining has been developed abroad, which is called an angle spiral lining. After assembly in the mill, the section is square, the circle and the circle are offset by a certain angle, and their rounded corners form a spiral. At present, such liners have been used in the domestic mineral processing industry. The angle spiral lining improves the utilization efficiency of the grinding media and improves the grinding efficiency.
4. Influence of grinding machine speed
The rotation speed of the mill determines the movement state of the medium, the height of the lift or the height of the drop, the spin speed of the medium, and the like. In practical work should pay attention to the level of size or transfer rate of speed.

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