January 21, 2022

Chemical industry with a new non-leak pump structural features

Chemical delivery needs are growing. Over the years, non-leaking magnetic centrifugal pumps have been widely used in chemical plants. As environmental regulations become more stringent and application requirements become more demanding, leak-free pump manufacturers must provide reliable and durable pumps. Daniel Roll, of Finish Thompson, talks about the company's latest technological advances.

Leak-free magnetic centrifugal pumps are a type of chemical delivery pump. In order to make them work better, pump users are in urgent need of self-priming pumps that are self-priming and have a robust construction with reliable sealing elements made of engineered thermoplastic for a variety of applications Chemicals.

Many industries that use chemicals often import and export chemicals to storage tanks, tankers and other containers. Due to the increasing emphasis on environmental issues, the trend now is to deliver from the top of the container rather than the sides or bottom, thereby reducing the chance of chemicals leaking through the wall components. This is an ideal application for self-priming centrifugal pumps.

Such pumps require rapid self-priming and respiration, and are capable of handling many high specific gravity chemicals. Pump and inlet must be sealed to prevent self-absorption delay or loss of self-absorption. Therefore, the pump's sealing element needs to be very durable. As with other pumps, self-priming pumps must be easy to install, operate and maintain.

The new self-priming pump features a compact, leak-free magnetic drive structure and fast self-priming time. FinishThompson's SP Series pumps are made of thermoplastic material with snap fasteners for the assembly of internal components with a "gooseneck" shape in the suction tube. These details constitute the excellent self-priming and running characteristics required for corrosive material delivery, durable static sealing and space-saving structural design.

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