January 21, 2022

Vietnam 70% plastic raw materials 95% plastic products production equipment still need to enter

The Vietnam Plastics Association stated that at present, only two materials, PVC and PET, can meet 30% of exports and 70% of domestic production. The annual output of PVC materials is 200,000 tons, and the annual output of PET materials is 145,000 tons. Therefore, Vietnam still needs to import 70-80% of plastic raw materials, mainly imported raw materials for PP, PE, PS. At the same time, 95% of plastics production equipment needs to be imported.

The spinning process usually involves the sheet metal being stuck on a spinning machine. The spinning machine tool is similar to an ordinary machine tool. During the processing, the blank is formed against a three-dimensional mold core. The main shaft drives the blank and the mold core to rotate, and then the rotating wheel is used to apply pressure to the rotating blank.Metal Spinning Aluminum Products we have lampshades,buckets and so on .If you send drawings we also can help you make it.

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