January 21, 2022

Mechanical mould terminology

One, into the water:gate
Enter location: gate location
Water outlet type: gate type
Daguchi: edge gate
Sluice: pin-point gate
Outlet size: gate size
Sweep: switching runner/gate
Tip diameter: sprue diameter

Second, runner: runner
Hot Runner: hot runner, hot manifold
Hot mouth cold runner: hot sprue/cold runner
唧嘴DC: direct sprue gate
Round runner: round(full/half runner
Flow Path Computer Analysis: mold flow analysis
Runner balance
Hot mouth: hot sprue
Hot runner board: hot manifold
Heating tube
Probe: thermocouples
Socket: connector socket
Seal/seal: seal

Third, transport water: water line
Throat plug: line lpug
Throat pipe
Plastic tube
Quick Connector: jiffy quick connector plug/socker

Four, mold parts: mold components
Three-plate mold: 3-plate mold
Two plate mold: 2-plate mold
Stud/Lead: leader pin/guide pin
Branch/guide bushing: bushing/guide bushing
Toast: shoulder guide bushing
Medium side L:guide pin
Ejector plate: ejector retainer plate
Pipe nail: dowel pin
Mold slot: ply bar scot
Internal mold position: core/cavity inter-lock
Thimble: ejector pin
Division tube: ejector sleeve
Department pin: ejector pin
Push plate
Indentation: moveable core, return core core puller
Button machine (nylon pull hook):nylon latch lock
Inclined roof: lifter
Mold base
Upper mold:cavity insert
Lower inner mold: core insert
Position (slider): slide
Inserts: insert
Pressure seat / skewer: wedge
Wear plate/oil plate:
Support head: support pillar
Pout: sprue bushing
Baffle: stop plate
Locating ring: locating ring
Lock: latch
Buckle chicken: parting lock set
Push rod: push bar
Bolting screws: SHSB
Roof: eracuretun
Arm: lever arm
Splitter cone: spure sperader
Water outlet division: bush
Garbage nails: stop pin
Spacer: buffle
Slingshot column: spring rod
Slingshot:die spring
Toast: Ejector guide bush
Middle side: ejector guide pin
Styling pin: pin
Pin: dowel pin
Wave slingshot: ball catch
Throat plug
Lock module
Inclined top: angle from pin
Inclined rod: angle ejector rod
Nylon pull hook: parting locks
Arm: lever arm
Reset button, early return: early return bar
Air valve: valves
Sloped edge: angle pin
Term: term
Pressure plane balance: parting surface support balance
Modular exhaust: parting line venting
Back needle touch material level: return pin and cavity interference
The total height of the mold exceeds the beer specification: mold base shut hight
Thimble hit the water: water line interferes withejector pin
Material level up/down die: part from cavith (core) side
The original position of the die is: cavity direct cut on A-plate, core direct cut on B-plate.
Do not use inserts: Do not use (core/cavity) insert
Inserts made of beryllium copper: use beryllium copper insert
Preliminary (formal) model design: preliinary (final) mold design
Anti-ah: reverse core
Slingshot compression: spring compressed length
Good stability: good stability, stable
Insufficient strength:
Uniform cooling: even cooling
Buckle die
Thermal expansion
Tolerance: Tolorance
Copper (electrode): copper electrod

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