January 21, 2022

Shuangqin Group Holds 2011 Dealer Conference

On January 7, 2011, the Shuangqin Group Dealership Conference was held in Sanya, Hainan Province. Zhang Wanyou, Deputy General Manager of Shuangqin Group and General Manager of Shuangqin Sales Co., Ltd. was entitled “Facing Change, Going Together” and passed the “Four Market Characteristics”. Proved the year of change in 2010. After an analysis of the market situation in 2011, Zhang Wanyou proposed the three major sales tasks of “channel development, terminal services, and team building” in 2011, and a series of work plans. He said that the ever-changing tire market has never stopped, the key is to look at the ability to deal with and challenges, Shuangqin Group's practice in 2010 proved that: the approach is always more than difficult! Hope that the majority of dealers can face change, embrace change, grasp Early, lay a good foundation for the whole year's work.

Yue Chunchen, general manager of Shuangqin Group, said that in 2010, the tire industry faced various difficulties, and all Shuangqin Group employees achieved great results by fighting hard and defeating difficulties. In the same way, all distributors who have the wisdom, ideas, passion, action, and the spirit of advancing with the times and dare to fight dare to create a world of their own. Because ideas determine the way out, ideas guide marketing. He remarked that in 2011, the majority of distributors must firmly grasp the general trend and seize the users; second, they must firmly adhere to their opponents and tightly cling to the market; Third, they should think calmly, study countermeasures, grasp quickly, and realize aims. Shuangqin Group will, as always, provide all kinds of support for dealers in terms of technology, products, and services, and the support will be greater and broader.

In 2010, through hard work, Shuangqin Group basically completed its goals, achieved sales of 9.6 billion yuan, and TBR completed 6.05 million sets. 2011 is still in a volatile situation. Only by following changes can we make a difference. Chen Yao, secretary of the party committee and deputy general manager of the Shuangqin Group, said that because of the “change”, it is increasingly difficult to correctly judge the market; because of the “change”, the pressure on the company is getting greater and greater. In 2010, due to the increase in raw material prices, double The Qiang Group made every effort to reduce costs by strengthening management, increasing production, etc. Although the replacement price of up to nine rounds of the replacement market in 2010 made the market produce a lot of feedback, the Shuangqin Group still shouldered most of the cost pressures. After analyzing the favorable factors of the domestic and foreign economic situation in 2011, Mr. Chen interpreted the key work of double-money sales: to expand the channels, to make a deep terminal, and to be a strong team. Shuangqin Group will launch a series of measures, including investing funds to expand sales channels, training sales managers who understand marketing, services, and technology.

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