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Shanghai has detected bank card crimes from 2341 this year

Shanghai has detected bank card crimes this year from 2341 diesel generators | diesel generators price / 2010-08-26

Shanghai has detected bank card crimes from 2341 this year
Yesterday, the Securities Times reporter learned from the Shanghai Municipal Public Security Bureau’s Economic Investigation Corps that, with the deepening of the special campaign to crack down on bank card crimes, as of the end of July, the Shanghai public security agency has detected 2,341 criminal cases involving bank cards this year and arrested criminal suspects. 887 people were transferred to prosecute 636 people.
In a special operation, the Shanghai public security agency discovered the main forms and characteristics of crimes involving bank cards. First, criminal tactics were continuously refurbished and new types of cases emerged in an endless stream. For example, the POS machine cash in combination with the resale VAT invoice complex illegal business case, the modified binding fingerprint counterfeit “find pass” consumer case, the waste card transfer bank card fraud case and other new types of cases are the first case in China. The second is that there are many crimes involving cybernets and pseudocards. Since the beginning of this year, Shanghai has detected multiple cases of using non-face-to-face trading platforms for non-cardless transactions and ATM machines to steal bank card information to produce fake cards. The third is the occasional cross-border bank card crimes. Since the beginning of this year, Shanghai has investigated two extremely large cross-border bank card crimes, mainly featuring the characteristics of foreign Chinese entering the country, rigorous organization of gangs, and concealment of overseas organizers.
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