November 30, 2021

Extraction of cesium from chlorinated soot

When scandium titanium ore furnace smelting process, mainly concentrated in the high titanium slag, the slag is further high temperature chlorination of titanium tetrachloride in boiling production furnace, most of scandium chloride to be volatilized into the smoke ScCl 3, cooling After being collected by a dust collector, the Sc 2 O 3 content can reach 736 ppm. Fushun aluminum plant fifty-one branch plant extract dust from scandium chloride, scandium oxide production line 20 ~ 30kg. YangZhi hair et al [10] using P 5709 -N 235 - kerosene extraction of scandium, 5MHCl 60 ° C stripping, can Sc 3+ and Fe 3+, Fe 2+, Ti 3+ , Al 3+, Mn 2+, The complete separation of Ca 2+ and the like solves the problems of separation of Sc 3+ /Fe 3+ and slow phase separation. He Jinlin isochronous extract dust from scandium chloride, using P 204 Extraction Fe, Mn, NaOH stripping scandium enriched 83-fold; chemically purified hydrochloric acid obtained by dissolving the resin adsorption of concentrated hydrochloric acid and extracted TBP- separating scandium and Dowex50W-X8 exchange RE钪, the purity of Sc is >99.5%, and the yield is >56%. Sun Benliang et al. used an organic polybasic weak acid precipitant to precipitate hydrazine in the leaching solution of chlorinated soot hydrochloric acid. After two precipitations and two acid hydrolysiss, the removal rate of iron and manganese in the leaching solution was over 99.8%, and the precipitation rate of strontium was up to 100. %; then P 204 + modifier + sulfonated kerosene as extractant, O / A = 1 / 20, extraction of cesium at room temperature, D Sc up to 139, the separation coefficient of strontium and iron, manganese reached 9270 and 10700 respectively; The 5% NaOH was back extracted and the stripping rate was 99.6%. Lin Weiming et al. [13] extracted ruthenium with benzylic oxygen, and the yield of ruthenium was 98.3%.

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