January 21, 2022

The definition of "three violations" in the second mine of Yungaishan Coal Mine

Yungaishan Coal Mine Mine "three violations" is defined in the standard

Chapter 1 Comprehensive Class

First, serious "three violations"

1. No safety technical measures to organize the construction;

2. Arranging the employees who have not passed the procedures and measures to study the examinations;

3. The construction design, operation procedures and safety measures are prepared or approved in violation of regulations or regulations, and the site is not organized according to design, procedures and measures;

4. The safety facilities are not complete, and there are major hidden dangers on the site that are not handled to force the workers to take risks.

5. Resist or report violations of the rules and stop the violations of the personnel to retaliate;

6. There are hidden dangers at the scene that have not been dealt with, and the workers are forced to work;

7. Special types of work are not arranged for training;

8. Safety management personnel who disobey, manage, beat, and perform their duties normally;

9. Destroy or steal safe production facilities, materials and equipment;

10. Demolition of the miner's lamp at will;

11. After drinking or entering the well;

12. Carrying fireworks or flammable items privately into the well;

13. Randomly send various emergency signals while riding or walking;

14. Safety management personnel, safety supervisors, and inspectors fail to implement the underground on-site handover system or sleep in the underground;

15. Randomly destroy security facilities;

16. Private possession, theft of detonators, explosives or theft of cables (for serious cases, transfer to the public security organs);

17. Work on the can cap without a seat belt;

18. The items in the wellhead and the cage are randomly thrown into the wellbore;

19. The equipment is in the running position and the driver is sleeping;

20. Fighting downhole.

21. The special work place is not on the scene with the team leader and team leader.

22. The rumors of confusing people and spreading bad information have a bad influence.

23. Unauthorized off-job and collapsing during the work of the important equipment room and the diverticulum in the explosives warehouse, substation, pump house, main ventilation room.

24. Found that the water sees signs, highlights the signs, and violates the rules to continue the operation.

25. Working at heights (2 meters and above), working in wells and gangues, not wearing seat belts as required.

26. Unauthorized entry into areas of high risk (easy fall, no wind zone, vital location, etc.).

27. If you are working on an empty top, you will enter the workplace without “knocking on the top”.

28. The blaster, mobile electric fitter, team leader, team leader, engineering technician, and district captain did not wear a portable methane detection alarm.

29. The safety facilities were not complete, and there were major hidden dangers on the site. They were ordered to suspend production and rectify but resume production without authorization.

30. After the power outage, the maintenance staff will not arrange for the withdrawal.

31. The promotion of the inclined lane did not implement the system of “no driving, no pedestrians driving”.

32. The belt conveyor has a serious coal accumulation caused by equipment damage.

33. Electrical maintenance electrical equipment is not checked for gas before opening the cover, or is not wearing a portable gas detector.

34. There is no measure to transport equipment and materials with a slipper;

35. Do not use a special link, the bolt is connected to the mine car.

36. Privately open the work surface.

37. Use the mine car to hit the damper or two dampers at the same time.

38. Transport of special materials, equipment, and pyrotechnics without the use of special vehicles.

39. Other “three violations” that are considered serious.

Second, the general "three violations"

1. Sleeping in the class; fixed posts, key posts during the operation of the equipment to read magazines, read novels, off-the-job do not implement the handover system;

2. The upper and lower wells are not waiting in line to wait for the train, and they are forced to grab it;

3. All kinds of records and handover records, signatures or fake signatures, and record the fraud in advance;

4. The idle personnel enter the critical place;

5. Cross the belt conveyor, do not go through the special bridge; during the belt transportation process, stand on the edge of the belt shelf;

6. The self-rescuer, helmet, miner's lamp, and personnel locator are not worn as required; 7. entering the well and wearing chemical fiber clothes;

8. Smoking or other sources of fire within 20 meters of the wellhead;

9. The general types of work are not licensed for training or special types of work are not certified;

10. The wellhead and underground personnel do not wear helmets or arbitrarily remove the helmet under the well;

11. Sleeping in a key job (post) or in a separate class, or doing something unrelated to the class;

12. After the well is raised, the miner's lamp and self-rescuer will not be returned in time;

13. The driver does not operate according to the prescribed signal;

14. The management found that the violation was not stopped or reported;

15. The changes in the production site have not been modified in time to supplement the supplementary safety technical measures;

16. Failure to wear instruments or instruments or disqualify instruments and meters as required;

17. Use of unqualified support materials and unqualified protective equipment;

18. The personnel entering the operation area did not implement the knockout top system;

19. The material site is super-high and super-wide, resulting in insufficient pedestrian and driving safety; 20. Various records are fraudulent;

21. All types of drivers do not check the equipment, causing the equipment to run sick;

22. Failure to ride the overhead passenger seat device (the length of carrying tools and materials exceeds

2m or more or tools and materials weighing more than 20kg and riding on an overhead passenger's car);

23. The construction work of the mining face is dry and eye-catching (except for special locations or corresponding safety measures);

24. The mining face and the drilling site were not opened in time during the production.

25. No individual dust control measures were taken at the mining work site.

High-pressure pipe 26. U-shaped cards, using iron wire replaced.

27. Do not sprinkle water and dust before welding; the welding construction site is not equipped with fire extinguishers; the operator does not wear protective equipment such as masks or goggles during welding.

28. If there is no danger to open or damage the self-rescuer at random, if the self-rescuer is not inspected according to the regulations, the self-rescuer will not be replaced in time.

29. Deliberately take the emergency stop switch by taking the overhead passenger or off-board.

30. The electric welding and gas cutting personnel left the scene without eliminating the fire.

31. Oxygen bottles and acetylene bottles are not more than 10m away from open flames, and oxygen bottles are not more than 10 meters away from acetylene bottles.

32. The oxygen cylinder is not operated by the anti-vibration ring, the safety helmet, the pressure reducer or the pressure reducer without the safety valve; the acetylene bottle has no tempering device, and the acetylene bottle above the medium pressure is not equipped with the pressure gauge and the safety valve.

33. Smoking in woodworking rooms, warehouses, monitoring rooms or other places where open fires or non-smoking places are prohibited.

34. Other violations of the rules and regulations.

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