January 21, 2022

Whole mud cyanidation of fragile ore

Shenghailiena (Sint Helena) is a gold mine into production in 1951 of the old cyanide plant, due to increased ore, plant corrosion serious, obsolete equipment and gold recovery decline and other reasons, decided to build another new plant.

The design of the new plant draws on the grinding practice of the old factory since 1956 and the Leslie gold mine since 1963, and the compression of production costs since the 5,000-year-old Kinross plant was put into operation in 1967. And experience as much as possible to save labor. The new plant was put into operation in September 1976, and the production scale was 300,000 tons of ore per month.

The new plant has no waste rock picking and crushing operations. The ore from the mine directly enters the ore grinding machine. The grinding machine and the Krebs cyclone form a closed-circuit grinding. The whole pulp is cyanated. To improve efficiency, a few large equipments were used and sophisticated sensing and metering devices were installed.

Due to the friability of the ore, the grinding is self-grinding with ore or adding a steel ball with a diameter of 100 mm. The slurry was ground to -0.074 mm (200 mesh) and cyanated in 10 flat-bottom air agitation tanks (Fig. 1). The slurry is circulated by the air lifter in the center of the mixer. In order to prevent sludge sedimentation, six high-pressure air nozzles are arranged around the riser through high-pressure air for agitation. The cap was filtered using vacuum filtration integral casting casting machine, to prevent deformation and leakage. Clarify the use of an upflow sand filter and degas with a Claude degassing tower. The precipitated gold mud is dehydrated on a horizontal belt filter and fired in a tunnel kiln. The dried zinc gold precipitate is smelted in a very large arc furnace to shorten the smelting time. The soot is collected by a bag filter.

Figure 1 Flat bottom air agitation tank

1-splash cover; 2-gate valve; 3-center air riser;

4-stainless steel support pipe; 5-cone intake pipe; 6-concrete base;

7-observation hole; 8-feed trough; 9-discharge trough, 10-overflow pipe; 11-drainage pipe

Glass acrylic crystal Force Control System

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