January 21, 2022

Safety measures for tunneling on the upper channel

Safety measures for tunneling on the upper channel

I. Overview

According to the mine production arrangement, after the leadership study decided, the team will construct 13071 on the trough. In the trough 13071 W503 forward measuring point 35m (horizontal distance) at the center of the opening trough is 13,071, according to the 193 ° azimuth coal layer roof construction 80.3m (horizontal distance) along a seam according to -15 ° roof slope Look for the bottom plate and dig 25.7m (flat distance) along the bottom, and then construct the roadway 10m according to the azimuth angle of 68°, then press the middle waist line and the 13071 to go back to the wind and cross the river. After the penetration, continue to follow the 193° azimuth angle along the coal seam floor construction 13071. In order to ensure safe construction, safety technical measures are formulated as follows.

1. Opening position: 13071 is the center of the opening at the measuring point W503 forward 35m (flat distance).

2. Support form: 13071 is supported by U29 bracket, and the plate beam and diamond mesh cover the roof. The bracket size is 3.79×2.8 m, the shed is 750mm (Zhongyizhong), the slab is 16 blocks per shed, the spacing is 500mm, the iron tie rod is 3, the diamond-shaped net is full, and the buckle is connected. The roadway has a net height of 2.8m. It is 3.6m wide and has a column depth of 200mm.

3. The amount of roadway engineering: the amount of engineering on the 13071 is 106m (flat distance).

Second, construction purposes and requirements

1. Construction purpose: This roadway is the return air and material for the 13071 working face.

2. Construction requirements: The 13071 upper channel is drilled along the roof of the coal seam according to the 193° azimuth. The excavation is strictly carried out according to the ground line and design requirements of the ground survey section.

Third, the construction method

1. Coal breaking method: using gun excavation method, coal electric drilling and eye drilling, charging blasting, blasting, one-time one-time charging is applied once, and the blasthole sealing mud is made of non-combustible clay and water cannon skin. The gun mud is not less than the coal mine safety regulations. Provisions. Explosives and detonators use mining-type products. Do not use unqualified or ineffective medicine tubes. The blasting connection method is a large series. In the specific construction, the soft and hard conditions of coal rock and roof are properly adjusted to ensure safe construction. in principle.

2. Ventilation method: Adopting the press-in type fan ventilation, the fan adopts 2 sets of 2×15KW counter-rotating fans, and must realize dual-fan and dual-power automatic down-down.

3. Mode of transport: transported by 40T scraper transporter, tank and nest head artificial coal.

Fourth, the main safety technical measures

1. Engineering quality

(1) When excavating, strictly carry out the construction of the middle waist line sent by the department.

(2) On the basis of the implementation of the blasting chart, the amount of charge can be appropriately adjusted according to the situation of soft and hard coal, and the control of top coal and rock can be done well to prevent the empty top.

(3) The materials used in the support must meet the design requirements, and the brackets must be designed to achieve complete components.

(4) Support should ensure the design of the roadway section, strictly in accordance with the construction of the center line and ensure that its height meets the design requirements.

(5) The bracket is strictly prohibited from going out, and leaning forward and backward. The bracket must ensure that the components are complete, the slab beam is evenly distributed, and the front and rear slab beams are compressed, and every shed is straight. Diamond-shaped net buckles are connected, and the overlap length is 100mm. The top of the roadway should be close to the brakes.

(6) The support beam should be strong against the mountain. The shed distance should meet the design requirements. The error should not exceed ±100mm. The depth of the support column should not be less than 200mm. It must be planted on the hard bottom. If necessary, the legs should be worn with wooden shoes.

(7) Do a good job in civilized production during construction, ensure that the fan ventilation is reasonable, the roadway is neat, the safety facilities are complete, the transportation system is perfect and reliable, and the mechanical and electrical equipment must be inspected by the class to prevent the electrical equipment from detonating.

(8) The support mountain angle should meet the requirements, and 1° every 6°-8°, the error should not exceed ±1°.

2. Roof management

(1) Strictly implement the system of knocking and helping the top, and the team leader or the squad leader should first conduct a comprehensive inspection of the safety of the work surface, and confirm the safety before arranging the work of the class. The construction personnel should pay attention to the change of the roof at any time, and take measures to deal with the problems in time. During the construction process, the experienced old workers should observe the roof and find the danger. It is necessary to evacuate in time and it is strictly forbidden to work under the dangerous roof.

(2) In the construction, it is necessary to take targeted measures to deal with the roof, and to supervise and supervise the roof by experienced old workers, to strengthen the roof of the roof, to ensure the smooth flow of the road, and to prevent secondary roofing and casualties during the roofing process.

(3) Strengthen the inspection and maintenance of the rear road, and find that the shed brackets are handled in time, and the road must be unblocked during construction.

(4) It is strictly forbidden to operate empty tops, strictly implement the system of knocking and helping the top, and use long tools to find the coal seams in time.

(5) In order to deal with the topping, there must be a team team and the team leader to stare at the class and find the problem in time.

(6) Four internal injection type single columns must be provided within 20m of the head for emergency use.

(7) Advance support must be used for the construction of the shack. The U-shaped shed bracket uses a 3.5m long π-shaped beam and a pair of clips, which are supported at the middle line of the roadway, and are tightly fastened with the backing plate or wooden wedge between the basic beams.

3. Gunpowder, detonator, and gun management

(1) Gunpowder and detonator must use mineral explosives that have obtained the product certification. It is strictly forbidden to use the ineffective drugs and tubes.

(2) The medicine tubes should be transported separately, and they should be sent directly to the work place after being received, and stored separately in a special box, and the gunners are required to personally send the gunpowder.

(3) Check the gas near the head before the charge, and insist on sprinkling water to reduce dust, and strengthen the socket bracket to ensure the bracket is intact.

(4) Charge The charge is controlled according to the characteristics of Yingtou coal and surrounding rock.

(5) Non-combustible clay for sealing mud, gently pinch, requiring the length of the sealing mud to be no less than the safety regulations of the coal mine. The connection is made by a large series connection method, and the connection line of the pin line is to be suspended.

(6) Be careful in front of the gun. The evacuation distance must be withdrawn from the fresh airflow outside the reverse damper. There should be no work in the return airway. The team leader arranges the stationed personnel to stand guard at the post:

When the 13071 was placed in the trough, the Δ1 station was out of the fresh wind current outside the positive and negative damper of the coal Yokogawa outside the 1303, and the Δ2 station was 5 m outside the upper return of the mountain.

Note: When the 1303 is on the outside and the 13071 is placed in the same slot at the same time, the Δ2 post stands in the middle of the return wind uphill and the -250 main lane three squats down 20m.

(7) The "four-person chain" exchange card system and the "go two-one-one" system must be strictly implemented.

(8) After all work is ready, the gun can be fired. After 30 minutes of the gun, the team leader, the gunner, the gas inspector, the security inspector check in and deal with the unsafe factors, and then allow the staff to enter the work. It is necessary to strictly implement the "one shot three inspections" system.

(9) It is strictly forbidden to carry out hand-planing after the rifle, and it should be handled by the blasting officer according to the regulations. If the shift cannot be handled, it must be clear after work, and it should be handled by the off-duty.

(10) The remaining drug tubes on duty should be handed over to the drug store, and it is strictly forbidden to store them privately.

4. Slider transportation safety measures

(1) The scraper conveyor should be laid flat, stable, straight, complete in components, and free from vibration during operation.

(2) When the slipper is being repaired, the power must be cut off, the power-off card is hung, and the lock is opened.

(3) It is strictly forbidden for anyone to walk on the slipper or stand on the running scraper. It is strictly forbidden to transport the material with the slipper.

(4) The height of the slider head and the tail joint of the tail is not less than 0.3m, and the front and rear staggered are not less than 0.5m, and the coal cannot be brought back.

(5) The slider and the tail of the slider should be pressed well, and the pressure column should not be hit on the basic beam.

(6) The driver of the slipper must be qualified after passing the training test.

(7) The signal system must be complete and sensitive, and the signal should be “one stop, two open, three times”.

(8) The chute must be dug back to the coal pit according to the regulations. Every shift to the coal pit must be excavated according to the regulations.

5. Mechanical equipment operation, power supply

(1) All electrical and mechanical equipment of Wotou must be inspected and repaired regularly to ensure its normal operation. The wind turbine must realize “three special two locks”, automatically downgrade, test each shift, and report to the dispatch.

(2) The exposed part of the running machine shall have a protective cover.

(3) All kinds of equipment are strictly forbidden to be repaired or relocated. The power outage inspection and inspection must be listed by a full-time electrician, locked, and guarded by a special person to prevent accidental transmission of electric shock.

(4) The power supply system of the equipment is perfect, the equipment is reasonable, and the equipment and the line must be responsible for the special person, and the phenomenon of detonation must be eliminated.

(5) The cable, signal line and operation line are hung neatly, and the switch table is put on the shelf, which is stable and firm.

6. Comprehensive dust prevention measures

(1) The working face shall be laid with dust and water sprinkler pipes as required, and a three-way gate shall be installed every 50m.

(2) Excavation work face should adopt wet-type eye-catching, water-proof cannon mud, pre-shooting, watering and dusting after shooting, flushing wall gang, rock loading (coal) watering and purifying airflow.

(3) Two clean water curtains must be installed in the excavation working face. The opening position should be installed at a distance of 30 meters in the shed, and installed in a range of 20-50 m from the excavation face.

(4) The floating coal in the roadway must be cleaned up in time to clean or flush the deposited coal dust.

(5) The ventilation area is responsible for installing the explosion-proof water bag at 60-200m away from the head. The number and quantity of water bags must comply with the regulations.

(6) Keep the fan running normally, and no one should stop the fan at will.

(7) Care for ventilation facilities. It is strictly forbidden to change the position and direction of the air duct. It is not allowed to cut off the air duct at will. The air cylinder should be straight and the interface should be tight without leakage.

(8) Strengthen the gas inspection, strictly control the system of one shot and three, and strictly prohibit the operation of gas overrun.

(9) The distance between the air cylinder and the head should not exceed 5m, and the rock lane should not exceed 15m. If the gas is large, the air duct should be close to the socket.

(10) Persist in the implementation of wind power lockout and gas electric lock, using double fan and dual power supply to automatically down.

(11) Strengthen the gas inspection. When the gas concentration exceeds 1.0%, the coal drill must be stopped. When the gas concentration reaches 1.5%, the work must be stopped. The evacuation personnel should cut off the power supply for treatment. Only when the gas concentration drops below 1%. In order to resume power transmission, personnel enter the work place.

(12) Others are strictly implemented in accordance with coal mine safety regulations.

7. Gas monitoring management

(1) The ventilation area shall be installed in strict accordance with the provisions of the Regulations. The specific installation positions are as follows:

The distance from the lane is not less than 200mm, and the distance from the top is not more than 300mm.

The excavation head is no more than 5m and the return flow and the full wind pressure flow meet at a distance of 10-15 meters, and a group is added in the middle of the work. The head of the heading probe is 1%, the power-off point is 1.5%, the return air flow alarm point and the power-off point are both 1%, and the re-power point is less than 1%. The power-off range is all non-intrinsically safe electrical equipment in the head and return airflow.

Only when the airflow and the return airflow concentration of the tunnel are below 1.0%, the power can be manually transmitted to resume production.

The above probe is responsible for providing the power-off switch by the construction unit.

(2) The movement of the monitoring probe is the responsibility of the gas inspector in the ventilation area. Other personnel are not allowed to move the probe position arbitrarily. If it is necessary to move, it must be contacted by the gas inspector, and the gas inspector is responsible for the movement.

(3) To strengthen the maintenance of the monitoring system, the telemetry machine must calibrate the probe every day to ensure its accuracy and the sensitivity of the gas overrun alarm. The probe telemetry must arrive at the site within 2 hours. The gas inspector is responsible for strengthening gas inspection and power cut work, and prohibiting gas overruns.

(4) If the temporary wind stop time is short and the gas concentration does not exceed 3%, the ventilator's squad leader and gas inspector shall be responsible for local discharge. If the gas concentration is greater than or equal to 3%, the ventilation area shall be formulated with emission safety measures. The engineer organizes the relevant departments to jointly review and implement them after approval by the mine general project.

8. Coal and gas anti-outburst

1. During the excavation process in the anti-burst area, the measures to release the holes must be strictly carried out according to the requirements of the anti-burst department to discharge the gas.

2. If you find that the head is:

Silent omen (1) The coal seam structure changes, the layers are disordered, the coal quality becomes soft, sometimes soft and hard, loose and brittle, the gloss is dim, and the coal rock is seriously damaged. (2) The pressure of the coal body and the support of the working face is increased; the outer wall of the coal wall is blown, the piece is cut off, the coal is squeezed out, the coal is pushed out; the top plate sinks, the bottom plate is bulged, the blasthole is deformed, and the medicine is not put into the medicine; Brazing; orifice. Charge. (3) The gas emission from the working face increases or decreases, the temperature drops, the coal seam cools, and the coal dust increases.

Sound harbinger (1) The top plate is pressed, cracks appear, and the sound of smashing and bracket breakage occurs continuously. (2) The coal wall vibrates or impacts, accompanied by sound, and hears the sound of cracking, firecrackers or thunder. Generally, it is far behind and close. First big and then small. After the single ring, the last loud noise It will stand out.

If these phenomena occur, the construction should be stopped immediately and the work surface should be evacuated according to the disaster avoidance route.

9. Drilling site construction safety technology management

(1), 13071 When the construction site is drilled in the slot, strictly follow the safety technical measures for the construction of the drilling tunnel on the 13071.

(2), bracket specifications: use 2.4 × 2.4m I-beam single shed, shed distance 600mm, 4 top slabs, 6 struts, plastic mesh full.

V. Disaster avoidance lines

When a disaster occurs in the underground, the construction personnel should not be alarmed. According to the arrangement of the captain or the team leader, organize an orderly evacuation along the disaster avoidance line.

If there is a flood at the workplace, retreat along the following evacuation routes:

Wotou-1307 Contact Lane-1303 Outer and Outward Coal Hengchuan-1105 Yanzhong Lane-052 Lower Slot--1303 Return Wind Inclined Lane--250 Main Lane--250 Shangping Road--250 Small Track--Coking Coal Uphill-- 150 yards - West Wind Well Track Uphill - 50 Lanes - West Wind Well Main Well - Ground

If there is a fire, gas, coal dust explosion or coal and gas outburst at the workplace, retreat along the following evacuation routes:

Wotou-1307 Contact Lane-1303 Outwardly out of the coal Hengchuan-1105 Yanzhong Lane-Second-car yard-Monkey Lane--575 Daxiang--bottom yard---------

Sixth, water prevention measures

1. When digging, you must have a dig to explore, long exploration and short excavation, where there is a harbinger of water, you must play ahead of the hole.

2. Found that the roadway is sweating, hanging red, there is water, the air is cold, fog appears, the roof is drenched, the roof is pressed, the floor is bulged or cracks occur, water seepage, water color, odor, etc. In the case of situation, the excavation should be stopped immediately, and the mine dispatch, the team duty, the functional department should be reported, and if necessary, the personnel should be evacuated to a safe place. Then, follow the notifications.

3. There should be spare drainage equipment in the tunnel head for emergency drainage.

4. During the construction, if there are changes in geological conditions, special measures will be formulated separately.

Seven, other

1. Anyone who participates in the construction must carefully study this measure and sign it before going down the well.

2. The unfinished matters are strictly in accordance with the "Safety Regulations for Coal Mines", "Procedures for Tunneling in 13071", "Safety Technical Measures for Tunneling of 13071" and "Special Measures for Preventing Outburst and Preventing Gases in the Runway of 13071" and the relevant documents of superiors carried out.

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