October 22, 2021

Floor in the car compartment

There are many kinds of special vehicles, and the configuration of the car body will also change. LED advertising vehicles are used as special vehicles, and their internal configuration is also something many people want to know.
LED advertising advertising vehicle, whether from the appearance or internal viewing, will be a very stylish car, he shuttled in many vehicles inside, as if it stands out especially swagger, but he has the cost of his blatant, if you compare the LED advertising car to adults He should belong to a model of a gentleman. No matter what words are spoken from his mouth (display), it will give a profound memory.

Today we are talking about the material of the LED advertising car floor. If you speak beautiful, wooden flooring is the first choice for customers. The wooden floor has his bright side, but there are also his fragile side. If there is water on the floor, Then there will be unnecessary troubles such as rising and deformation.

If the LED publicity vehicle is driving on a very bumpy road, one can imagine that the wooden floor will certainly fall apart. If the wooden floor is replaced with a plastic carpet, the above-mentioned problems will be greatly improved. The benefits of plastic carpets are waterproof, Beautiful, easy to clean, on the bumpy road does not have to consider the problem of loose, deformation, warping and other issues.

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