October 22, 2021

Shanghai Aerospace and Ship Technology Institute strategic cooperation

On September 28th, Shanghai Navigation Instrument Co., Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Shanghai Ship Technology Research Institute. The two sides will make full use of their respective technologies, equipment, talents and market advantages in the principle of complementarity, mutual benefit, sincere cooperation, pragmatic and common development to promote sustainable development and achieve a win-win situation. This is an initiative of Shanghai Hangyi to effectively carry out the party's mass line education practice activities, break through the current development difficulties of enterprises, and seek diversified development.
According to the agreement, the two parties will make full use of the technological advantages of Shanghai Aerospace in the design and manufacture of precision parts and the research and development advantages of ships and offshore manufacturing equipment in which shipbuilding technology is located, carry out processing and manufacturing of related equipment, and develop new products; The instrument will use its own site, equipment, technical personnel and other conditions to provide steel structure processing and precision equipment installation services for ship process related products; jointly develop new markets and realize industrialization promotion. At the same time, the two parties will give priority to opening relevant facilities and resources to each other based on actual needs. This cooperation will effectively promote the technological progress and industrialization of both parties and enhance the market competitiveness. It will also make a useful attempt to promote the development of the six major industrial sectors of China Shipbuilding Corporation and improve the intra-group ratio.

Mucking loader is also called Excavating Loader, integrates multiple functions including excavation, conveying, loading, running. Because of tunnel Mucking Loader is high working efficiency, strong ability to adapt the space, less polluting to the air inside of the tunnel, crawler mucking loader becomes a very important mechanical equipment in tunnel construction.Wheeled Slag Machine wide range (from left to right range of up to 4.5 meters, up to 2.8 meters on the ground, the ground up to 0.8 meters) ,Mucking Rock Loader can be full-face loading of gravel, leaving no dead ends, do not need to manually clean up Site, you can also digging on both sides of the roadway ditch.

Loading capacity

≥50 m3/h

Excavating distance


 Mining width

 2400 mm

 Loading width


 Digging height


 Digging depth


Discharge height


 Ground clearance

 180 mm

 Loading length


Axial distance


Wheelbase(front/back wheel)    

1100 mm

Tire minimum turning radius

≥5 m

Grade ability  


Conveyor belt speed


Delivery capacity

≥50 m3/h

Loading mouth size

≤400×450 mm2

Traveling speed

0.26±5% m/s

Rated working pressure

12 Mpa

Main motor power 

15 kw





Mucking loader

Mucking Loader

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