October 22, 2021

Yanbian engineering vehicle automatic cleaning equipment on duty

Yanji City Administration Bureau for the prevention of road behavior of the vehicle in mud engineering from the source to help a real estate development enterprises to introduce engineering vehicle cleaning equipment, the site Daini vehicle first "bath" on the road again. This is the first time that Yanbian Autonomous Prefecture introduced such equipment. On the morning of September 10, 2013, the reporter watched the "bathing" process of the engineering vehicle.

Yanji City Administrative and Law Enforcement Bureau of Urban Management has been increasing the supervision of the construction vehicles with mud on the road, and put forward rectification requirements for the non-compliance of the construction site under construction. The construction entrances and exits are paved into hard roads, equipped with vehicle flushing equipment, and designated personnel are responsible for Rinsing vehicles leaving the site, but the effect is still not satisfactory. Since this year, the Bureau has punished more than 210 vehicles with mud on the road.

Recently, Yanbian Modern Real Estate Development Co., Ltd., responsible for the development of the Yanbian University Medical School site, actively responded to the call and, with the help of the Bureau, purchased a set of automatic cleaning equipment for construction vehicles at the cost of 50,000 yuan, preventing the construction vehicles from carrying mud from the source. On the road to pollute the road.

The reporter saw at the scene that the construction site was paved with cement pavement at the entry and exit points, and the mud-carrying vehicles pulled out from the construction site were lined up one by one and slowly passed through before the construction vehicle automatically cleaned the equipment. The multi-directional high-pressure water gun on the equipment also performs full-scale flushing on the chassis and tire parts of the vehicle. Soon, the "bathing" of the construction vehicle will be clean and on the road.

According to the director of the Planning and Inspection Brigade of the Bureau, Shen Dongfu, the cleaning process of this equipment is automatically completed, and the flushing water can be recycled and used. At present, there are more than 80 sites under construction in Yanji City. Shen Donghao hopes that Other sites can follow the example of modern real estate companies, eliminate the construction vehicles from the source and bring mud to the road, and contribute to a clean city appearance in Yanji City.


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