October 22, 2021

Taiwan LED manufacturers saw a significant decline in September revenue

According to LEDinside, a green energy business unit of TrendForce, a global market research organization, some Taiwanese LED manufacturers saw a significant decline in revenue in September due to the decline in orders from the backlight market.
LEDinside observes that Korean manufacturers are still planning to increase the proportion of direct-selling TV shipments. In addition, the 2014 Lunar New Year will come in January, and the fourth-quarter revenue performance is expected to benefit from the new model's stocking demand. Supported.
In September 2013, the total revenue of listed LED manufacturers in Taiwan fell slightly by 1 to 11 billion yuan (NTD, the same below). Among them, Taiwan's LED chip makers' revenues reached 3.86 billion yuan; Taiwan's LED package manufacturers' revenues also reached NT$7.17 billion.
The chip and package manufacturers' performance was extremely high. The red and yellow LED and IR markets were still showing stable performance due to the decline in demand in the backlight market. The third quarter revenue declined. In the future, Korean manufacturers are still planning to increase the proportion of direct-type TV shipments. In addition to the 2014 Lunar New Year in January, some of the chip makers entering the Korean TV supply chain will use Jingdian as an example. Stable performance reached 1.87 billion yuan respectively. In addition, benefiting from the needs of the World Cup, the display market is bright; with the IR orders maintained, red and yellow LED chip manufacturers such as Jingdian and Guanglei have stable performance. Guanglei's September revenue reached 540 million yuan. .
LED package manufacturers' performance is polarized. Some manufacturers benefited from the continued growth in demand for lighting and smart phone applications, but manufacturers with a higher proportion of TV backlight layouts did not perform as expected. Ronda and Dongbei are affected by the lack of demand for TV backlights, which will affect September revenue. Rongchuang benefited from the OEM orders of Nichia, and its revenue continued to grow steadily to 4.6 million yuan. Under the vertical integration advantages of Lite-On Group, the lighting products, street lamps and automotive lighting market are firmly developed. LED lighting components benefit from smooth production and global lighting brand customer demand. The revenue in September has grown by nearly 20%; LED lighting applications In terms of LED street lamps in the North American and Taiwan markets, the energy-saving demand and the smooth delivery of standard shipments, the monthly revenue growth of up to 40%, while the automotive lighting September revenue continued to grow, driving the entire LED business month Revenue grew by nearly 10% a year.
However, the current market price of white light is fierce, and more and more packaging manufacturers are turning to other high-profit products, such as UVLED, IR and other special applications. Although the market size of such products is relatively limited, and the supply chain is closed. However, various packaging manufacturers have begun to actively deploy special application markets under the consideration of profit.

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