October 22, 2021

In 2014, China will implement mandatory standards for LED lighting

The EU issued the "New Energy Efficiency Regulations for LED Lighting Products" earlier this year, requiring all LED lighting products exported to Europe to meet the new energy efficiency standards from September 1 this year, and will be divided into September 1 and September 2014. On the 1st, September 1st, 2016, the energy efficiency standards for LED lighting products will be gradually improved.
With the continuous expansion of LED lighting applications, products are becoming more and more abundant, and consumers are beginning to accept this new type of light source. At the same time, LED products have also exposed many problems, and industry standards are urgently needed.
People familiar with the matter said that the mandatory national lighting safety standards in mainland China are currently under development and are expected to be introduced next year.
The introduction of new standards is a coexistence of risks and opportunities for enterprises: a group of products that fail to meet the standards will be blocked out of the door and gradually eliminated by the market; and those with excellent quality will get better and better.
For a long time, the LED lighting market has been accused of disorderly competition. Due to the lack of upstream core technology, this young emerging market is deeply immersed in homogenization and competition. Dachang small factory can produce, everyone is fighting the price. This is the helpless voice of a listed company's technical staff.
At present, China's LED lighting market is caught in a misunderstanding of price wars. All products are basically built around prices. Excessive price competition makes product quality difficult to guarantee. Buyers in many countries in Europe and America abandon China's LED products and have a certain fear of MADEINCHINA. Nie Pengxiang, the president of the incentive test, expressed concern about the current price war of LED lighting in China. What is reflected behind this is the lack of industry standards.
All lighting products including LEDs in Europe and America must comply with the international standards issued by the International Commission on Illumination (IEC), which classifies lighting hazards into four levels, of which the level of safety of household lighting products must be 0 or 1. Products with a level 2 or higher hazard must be marked with a label to remind the consumer. However, in the past, the LED standard in mainland China has become a recommended standard, which has caused the safety performance of some domestic LED products to be worrying.

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