October 22, 2021

Hardware Difference PS Vita TV Cannot Correspond to All Vita Games

Japan's Sony Computer Entertainment (SCEJA) earlier announced the release of PlayStation Vita TV, which is based on the PlayStation Vita software and hardware infrastructure, and is equipped with Dual Shock 3 controllers in an onboard box format. Although revealed that it will support more than 100 PlayStation Vita games, it seems that not every game is compatible with play.
The PlayStation Vita TV released by SCEJA not long ago is based on the PlayStation Vita software and hardware. It is used in the form of a set-top box to play with the Dual Shock 3 controller. In addition to the PlayStation Vita game card access, HDMI output up to 1080i quality effects, and can be connected via RJ-45 network cable or Wi-Fi Internet access, built-in storage space is 1GB, also configure a set of USB 3.0 connection hole.
Although it is advertised that it will support more than 100 PlayStation Vita games, with the list of currently published game lists, there are still some game titles that cannot be fully supported. The main reason is that PlayStation Vita TV does not respond to touch screens, back covers, and gyroscopes. Components, so the content of games that can be supported will therefore be limited.
However, PlayStation Vita TV still supports more than 600 PlayStation Portable download games and more than 600 PlayStation classic games, and will also carry the TSUTAYA TV online video service, niniconic and Hulu, and will also support SKY PerfecTV! On-Demand, TBS World Heritage Collection, DMM.com, TV DOGATCH, U-NEXT and other online streaming audio and video content, as well as karaoke service JOYSOUND.TV and other audio and video content.
The PlayStation Vita includes PlayStation Vita's web browser, e-mail, voice/text chat, Music Unlimited, radioko.jp, Reader for PlayStation Vita and LiveTweet for PlayStation Vita, and even PlayStation Vita.

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