June 06, 2020

The car with less worry and less Chen Master and his "cornucopia"

User: Master Chen

Driving age: 22 years

Vehicle: Foton Daimler Auman GTL Super Edition

Transport Type: Coal Transportation

Master Chen used Auman GTL's experience for more than a year: Auman GTL is not only very powerful in terms of power, but also has outstanding performance in fuel economy. The overall driving space is wide and more comfortable, not only the first realization of ten. The 10,000-kilometer engine oil change is more convenient and quicker in the subsequent series of maintenance.

In March 2016, we received a car and it has traveled 170,000 kilometers since it was operated. In addition to maintenance for more than a year, even in November and December in Inner Mongolia, this Auman GTL has not experienced any failure. He is like a cornucopia, let me full of return, did not let me down. Since Master Chen entered the industry from her 20s to 20 years ago, it can be said that all types of vehicles have been played, but he has been able to make it all the way down the road for more than a year, and there are few worries in the entire process.

Master Chen described Auman as his cornucopia. Master Chen said a few points. The 100,000-kilometer maintenance, although it did not really care about 100,000 kilometers, it still saved a lot of time for the maintenance of 780,000 kilometers. After the insurance, his vehicle is more fuel-efficient, which is a pleasant surprise. At the same time, the IBrake engine compression braking technology onboard the vehicle is further improved in terms of safety performance. Speaking of this, Master Chen said: "When the old car decided to buy a new car because of an old problem, it also talked to the masters of the sports car. He himself also had his own standards for buying a new car, but when it was purchased, it was not Horsepower, that is, the model is not right, not dissatisfied with the interior, or there is a gap in price.

Until the first encounter with the Auman GTL Super Edition, Master Chen suddenly brightened up, because before the Master Chen also used Auman ETX tractors, with the Weichai engine, the use of the whole is good, the only dissatisfied is The maintenance interval is too short. However, it was a 380-horsepower 6*2 tractor with a Fukang engine. Although it was the first to protect 100,000 kilometers, it was a bit undecided.

But do not know why, finally bought a Taiwan, be a bold attempt! Now it seems a bit funny, but fortunately when it was bought, it was only today's cornucopia! At the time of mentioning the car, Manager Li also let me participate in the Super Edition tractor driving training, and said more to learn more.

At that time, I went in for a hearing, not to mention that there are really useful things. Under the coaching training, the Auman GTL Super Edition can be started in 6th gear, and it can start without pressing the accelerator. This kind of operation can give full play to the characteristics of the engine. Avoiding the loss of power in the torque engine not only saves fuel but also improves the life of the engine. This was confirmed at the time of follow-up and it was indeed more fuel-efficient.

Master Chen ran Inner Mongolia-Tianjin, with a total coal weight of 50T and a one-way distance of 780 kilometers. Among them, except for a few mountainous areas, most of the areas are mainly plains. Master Chen’s fuel consumption per 100 kilometers is 30.2L, compared with other types of mines. Vehicles save 3.5L hundred kilometers and save an average of 17,000 yuan a year. It is amazing! Of course, there is no reason why Master Chen is constantly trying to figure out and try.

Some things may be known after running for a long time, but some things are not told by others, and maybe you don't know it forever, so it is! When I'm not busy right now, I have nothing to look at Auman's driving training manual. Maybe when something can be used, maybe the bad habits formed over the years can be modified. Reduce damage to the vehicle. I cornucopia it! To get a good protection, I really want to have something wrong. I feel bad!

Now we have run together, there are several other than I received the car earlier, chose another car! There are four cars that have also received the same cars as me. It's not easy to say it, saving money is making money! Why not go for it! Say a long time between maintenance, save a lot of trouble!

Our industry is actually very simple, safe, and running "cars" with fewer problems!

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