April 13, 2021

The core technology has been transformed into market competitiveness, and the seven-four-four "sweet shark fin" orders are super...

Fin stabilizers are artificial "shark fins" that help ships maintain balance in squally waves. This year, the two "best of the best" in the "shark fin" - the largest and smallest two fin stabilizers in China have come out in seven. This pair of new "brothers" has reached the international advanced level in research and development. The seven-fourth success has transformed the core technology accumulated over many years into a strong market competitiveness. At present, the order value of these two products has exceeded 20 million yuan.

The "shark fin" made by the Seventh and the Fourth is a long history. In the early 1960s, it began to engage in fin stabilizer research, and its technical strength can be called the domestic leader. Since 1978, the fins have won eight awards including the National Science Conference Awards for the Seventh and Four. Of the top ten famous ships in China selected in 2005, a total of four were equipped with fin stabilizers, all of which were developed by Qiqisi.

Now, the fins have taken on the responsibility of assisting the seven-fourth to swim to the market.

In the past, domestic ship-loading fins seemed to be a patent for military ships, but as people's requirements for ship safety and comfort have increased, the fin-fin market for civilian ships has a bright future. In 1999, the 7th and 4th Divisions independently separated the anti-rolling device department and established the anti-rolling device engineering department to be responsible for the development of the folk ship fin stabilizer.

The innovation system makes the fins flexible in the market sea. The original team leader system could not adapt to the needs of market operation, and the engineering department changed it to design, research and development, sales, after-sales service and other departments to implement the corporatization operation. Since the fins of the civilian ships are mostly tailor-made, in order to ensure the production quality of the large-scale key components of the installation, the anti-rolling device manufacturing department was established in Songjiang at the end of 2004.

Today, the seven hundred and four civilian fin stabilizers have formed two series of more than 50 varieties, not only the birth of the largest and smallest fin stabilizer in China, but also developed a series of innovative products such as the first proportional control fin stabilizer in China. More than 30 million yuan. Wei Bin, the director of the anti-rolling device engineering department, has already hit the abacus in 2010. He expects that the output value of this "shark fin" will reach 100 million yuan.

Following the success of the fin stabilizer, more core technology projects are also eager to try: environmental protection technology marine sequencing batch membrane black ash water treatment equipment, various textile machinery, servo valve series products, etc. Both began to brew the "down to the sea" plan.

The industrialization development of Qiyisi is very big. It is the largest bleaching device in the world in the Three Gorges. The hydraulic opening and closing system of the Three Gorges Permanent Ship Lock, which is the “longmen jump” of the vessel, is a highlight. In recent years, the 704 Science and Technology Development Fund has funded more than 60 innovative projects and achieved remarkable results, contributing to market development. The independent innovation products accounted for more than 2/3 of the nearly 1,000 ships and non-ship products, accounting for about half of the international advanced level, and obtained 53 national patents and 515 national and ministerial awards. Their goal is to foster two sets of industrialized projects with an annual output value of over 100 million and four industrialization projects with an annual output value of over 50 million yuan during the 11th Five-Year Plan period, striving to achieve an annual total income of 600 million yuan. It has reached 40 million yuan.

Bearing housings are modular assemblies designed to make it easy to install bearings and shafts, while protecting bearings, extending their operating life and simplifying maintenance.

Housings are available in many sizes, and generally fall into five standard categories: split plummer (or pillow) block housings, non-split plummer block housings, flanged housings, take-up housings and two-bearing housings. These products can be designed to meet specific duty requirements such as load, speed and operating environmental conditions.

Non-standard Bearing Housing designs can also be supplied to particular customer requirements: for example, where special shaft centre heights, unusual sealing arrangements or non-standard materials of construction may be specified.

If ease of installation and maintenance are prime considerations, then split plummer block housings are an excellent choice as they not only accommodate pre-assembled shafts, but also simplify bearing inspections and maintenance as the shaft does not need to be disassembled. These units are designed for self-aligning ball bearings, spherical roller bearings and CARB toroidal roller bearings. Non-split plummer block housings are preferred when there are heavy loads acting in a direction other than toward the support surface. They are also used when the housing has to be mounted from the end of the shaft.

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