April 13, 2021

Zhongyuan Ethylene's 50,000-ton carbon 4 resource optimization project starts construction

Recently, with the construction of the first pile, Zhongyuan Ethylene's 50,000-ton/year carbon 4 resource optimization project was started to be constructed, marking the company's optimization of product structure and accelerating the comprehensive utilization of by-products and taking new steps. It is also the company's ability to do Outstanding features, take another example of the road to connotation development.

Zhongyuan Ethylene can produce 450,000 tons of cracked mixed carbon each year. The composition of mixed carbon four is 1,3-butadiene, isobutylene, and butene-1. Currently, all the mixed carbon four are used in MTBE/butene-1 plant production. Gasoline Additives and High Purity Butene-1 Products. Due to the high price of butadiene monomer, the price of pyrolysis mixed carbon 4 is obviously higher than that of carbon tetrachloride. Using current processing routes not only results in a waste of 1,3-butadiene resources in hybrid carbon tetra, but also makes The MTBE/butene-1 unit has high energy consumption and high production costs.

In order to reduce the production cost of the C4 integrated utilization device and optimize the use of C4 resources, the company's demand for butene-1 is ensured and the overall efficiency is maximized. The chemical company of the joint-stock company agreed to implement a 50,000-tonne/year carbon four resource optimization reform project for Zhongyuan Ethylene. The total investment of the project is 11.77 million yuan, which is mainly implemented in the MTBE/butene-1 plant. Four new canisters of charcoal are built on the reserved land on the southwest side of the plant area, no new land acquisition, no increase in capacity, environmental protection and occupation Safety and health realize "three simultaneous" and it is expected that the cost can be recovered in the short term.

After the project is completed and put into production, it can sell the butadiene-rich pyrolysis mixed carbon 4 to internal units of the petrochemical group company, which is conducive to the rational allocation and optimization of resources within the system. The relatively low outsourcing price of extracted carbon 4 is used as raw material for butene-1 production. It stops the carbon tetrahydrogenation reactor and increases MTBE production from 19,500 tons to 45,300 tons. It has good market competitiveness and economy. benefit.

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