April 13, 2021

Aerospace 8359 builds China's highest voltage equipment

Recently, 8359 Huatian Electromechanical Research Institute Co., Ltd. of Aerospace Science and Technology Group Third Institute has installed and installed the 7200kV surge voltage generator with the highest voltage level in China, becoming the heavyweight enterprise in the domestic high-voltage power industry.
The construction project of the UHV DC test base of the State Grid is the key project of the 11th Five-Year Plan. The 8359 Huatian Electromechanical Research Institute has overcome various design problems brought about by the large and ultra-high voltage of equipment, and has set a domestic record in many technical fields. They only took 42 days to complete the national construction project one month ahead of schedule. The outdoor 7200kV impact device has a height of about 27 meters and a total of 24 levels. Now, it has become the landmark building of the State Grid Corporation's UHV DC test base construction project.

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