April 13, 2021

U.S. Develops New Metal Sealed Drill Bits

At present, the reduction of drilling cost per foot has become a buzzword for bit design. In the face of increasingly complex drilling environments and ever-evolving drilling technologies, major US drill manufacturers have introduced unique new drill bit products, drill bit design and The development of manufacturing technology is rapid and steady.

The new MXL long-life motor drilling bits from Hughes Christensen, USA, significantly improved drilling economy in the Gulf of Mexico and other high-cost drilling environments.

This drill bit's significant improvement in seal reliability, cutting structure durability, and configurable hydraulic systems has resulted in longer downhole drilling times and more confidence for drilling operators to use it for longer directional intervals. The new cone of the drill bit can prevent the drill bit and the bottom mud pack well when using a water-based mud, has ideal maneuverability characteristics, and can be applied to a variety of reaming devices. All of these features make this bit the most suitable drilling tool for high-end drilling applications.

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